X-Ray Trauma!!

X-Ray Trauma!!

Why is it that just having the simplest of x-rays can be so dam awkward for us. Went for X-ray on my lower back today, "jump onto the bed he said and lie down flat" mmmm!! if only it was that easy. He just gave me a funny look as I was taking my time and said "oh I'll be back in a sec" Ok, I got there in the end but it said on my form severe RA so what did he expect.

I mean, were having an x-ray for a reason so they must expect us to be a little cautious/awkward.

Don't get me wrong some are really helpful but just the odd one makes you want to scream especially when it's written in black and white.

I remember having my feet x-rayed and the radiographer saying can you stand on one leg? I have trouble standing on two some days I replied, they didn't find it funny.

Apologies if any of you are or no someone who is a radiographer this was just my experience today.

Moan over folks!!!!

mand xx

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hmm bad bad!!, i let rip at the ultrasound staff at my hospital... before revealing.. that i wouldnt be happy to be treated like that as a patient.. before getting out my staff badge....... i made a complaint about their attitude to patients at was so bad.... made to feel a big inconvenience... it was oh we have to do some work now.. it was a case of find... the staff... hiding.. gossiping.. etc.. to advoid... having to help a patient... i went to the book in desk it ws gone 9am..., no one there.. tried nearby office.. haughty woman said it is over there... I know.. i said.. but there is no one there... she disappeared into the same darkened area into which me and my travelling companion,, had already called out... it was a restricted area.. wasnt going waltzing in was signed off work.... heard voices/ giggling out came women.. eventually to receive booking forn from consultant.... hmm she said.. hmm you could have posted this.... i was on cructches in agony.. how long i asked....

after being kept waiting.....oh bout 3 weeks she said aaah. aaah., she was so rude and dismissive.. i was still polite until this point then i let my calm go... do you know what it is like to be agony... waiting to see some one who treats you like a damn inconvenience...


Hi Mand, Thanks for your message, hope your ok.

I know what you mean by being made to feel like your taking your time drives me nuts that when they expect you to just jump about!


I have had both good and bad experiences.

Bad- the radiographer asking me to JUST turn your foot this way...mmmm it doesn't go THAT way. Press down on your hands turning them outwards...OUCH!

Good - Really gentle guy who used props/bean bags to help hold my area to have the xray in place so I wasn't straining.

**My sister-in-law is a radiographer in charge of a large department. Bless her she uses my views when she has trainees under her wing, and tries to get them to be compassionate to each and every they one day may hurt as much as the person having the Xray.


Yes i know what you mean. I have had many different types of experience when having X-rays. Last time when I had my hip and wrist x-rayed the girl was very good and treated me like a human being. That made a pleasant change. Well done Mand for letting your feelings be known.


Hi Mand

Ah well, these things happen ...most of the time in my experience!!! I've reached the point where I just smile and make light of things and think what the hell. As long as jobs done I don't really care whether they understand or not. You might think though, if nothing more than to make their lives a little more interesting, they might themselves be quite keen to learn a bit more about the human body since that's what their duties revolve around. There again perhaps I'm just too plain nosey!!

Once the consultant has the pretty picture in his mitts all will be revealed :) Hope the news is good for you Mand,

Lyn x


You should meet the radiographer at our local. Dour is the word comes to mind, but he swans about looking like something off the set of Holby City and swishes about like Marilyn Monroe. Tries to look very important, calls you by your surname (his last part was Headmaster in Harry Potter!). Mind you it didn't help when I tried to raise a smile

He says - which knee is it?

i say - the one half way up my leg?

Not a flicker. Ho hum.. miserable B****r.

Some you win..

Julie x


Hi Mand

My Radiographer was a lovely Aussie lady, i was having a radio active full body xray, she had me in fits of giggles as I was meant to stay still it was hard to do. mand some people are people people some are not. they will get there come upeth whenthe people revolt. I'll be the one in the front. I have always worked within a customer service roll and I can tell you truthfully it's always the customers fault lol.......

Unless I'm the customer :)

Tricia x


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