Lacking energy this morning!

Hi all,

Maybe it's the heat, but boy am I exhausted. Went to bed early and slept quite well but am still tired. My arms and legs feel like lead weights today, least I don't have much to do, bit of ironing and tidying up. Hubby has a appt with Parkinson's nurse this afternoon, so is leaving work early, I always go with him for moral support.

Hopefully my energy will return!

Have a good day everyone, enjoy the sun if you can.


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Mary,My hubby always comes to appointments with me and i do the same with him. The heat gets me as well,trouble is you never know whether it the heat or the drugs reaction to the heat do you. I do know that extreme heat has the same effect on ra as the cold. I found that out when i went to spain one year. Couldn't understand why my joints kept letting me down when the weather was so lovely.

Hope you hubbys appt goes well for him this afternoon.


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