what a day!

Hi everyone!

I did say I would keep you posted - not much news I'm affraid!

I have been offered a contract - half my hours, and so this is good news except that's half my pay!

I dont know how I feel really, the stress of having to try and get all my work done in 3 hours and 40 mins, and failing miserably ( Im not being negative - its a reality!)

is a bit too much stress and worry to even think about!

I feel so let down, they have acknowledged that RA is considered a disability, but they are not even thinking about the effect this new deal will have on me!

I suppose I am going to have to be selfish, finish at my designated time and what isn't done will have to be left, and any issues will have to be addressed to the head teacher. I am so conciencious and don't like letting anyone down.

So all in all I feel flat, disheartened and unvalued -

Still on the bright side. its half term next week - yeah!!!

Hope you are enjoying the sunshine!!

Pen x

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oh Pen that is very disappointing when it is not what you wanted. I agree that must be difficult - i have worked part-time before and i found that i was trying to fit a full-time work load into part-time hours, I hope that your headmistress takes responsibility as well and takes any additional work from you.

You are not letting anyone down, you are doing the best that you can in very difficult circumstances but i know what you mean its really difficult adjusting to managing work and ra.

Hope the weather keeps up for half-term.


hiya mads, hows things going!!Axx


not too bad allanah, enjoying the weather, moaning and groaning a bit but all in all life is ok


good stuff, u take care now Axx


Hello Pen,

I've been a bit busy with all the things you are going through!! I however got a lot of help from the Hr department and Occupational Health and my Union at my work. They immediately saw my disability and tried everything they could to help me get back to work. But the Rheumies couldn't get me under control so I am now being "dismissed" on ill health. I was extremely upset but this last week with the weather sort of made me feel there's more to life than being exhausted every day, coming home whacked and in pain and really when i had the meeting it was sort off bye see you!!

After 36 yrs, lots of unpaid overtime and on call they are now fighting me for a few days pay that i know i worked but they cannot find the paperwork!!!!

I would finish at the time as that is all you are paid for and take the time as your "medicine and treatment" time ie this is when you let your body get better.

I have found that having less stress from work is beneficial to my calmness and I didn't feel guilty in the garden today, which is a first.

I have my retirement meal on Thursday so that will be nice to say Bye properly. So hang on in there but try to work out a good work life balance would be my advice, I was given that advice here and ye as usual it did help me.

Good luck but get support to go with yo to the meetings from a member of a teaching union, it really helps to have them fight ur corner.

Good luck and enjoy half term Axx


Hi Pen, definitely stick to your new hours and if something's not finished leave it for the next day then perhaps they will realise.

When I was working if I had 2 weeks holiday the best part of that 2 weeks work was waiting for me when I returned ..... I think they wondered why I got stressed !! Judi xxxx PS. (Mind you, 'they' were men !)


doesnt sound as if you will be letting them down ,more like they have let you down by being a bit unrealistic in their expectations ,


Thanks everyone, I have now accepted the contract, and will work 8.30am to 12.10pm I have decided that life is for living, I cannot please everyone and only have one pair of hands (they don't work very well!) I will look forward to longer lunches, catching up with friends, doing the housework in my time and learning to relax and make time for me!

Acutally I am looking forward to the rest!

I will also look for other work eventually, but for now I need to get better and I intend to do all I can to achieve this!

I am so grateful for all you comments, advice and support - it has helped me through this really difficult time!

Take care everyone, I hope that the sun is shining where you are and that it helps your aches and pains!

Keep smiling - it has made me feel good today!!!



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