losing the plot

this will cheer you up,having great day so thought i would do a bit of cooking, decided on salad for dinner, so off i went to make some sausage rolls for o/h, all went well, right on to the quiche, preped up the cheese /onion etc, made the egg mix up, filled the cases, popped them in the oven, took out the quiche, left them on the side to cool and started to wash up,, then i came across the bowl with the egg mix in, there it was still sitting there all yellow and frothy, i swear since i started these meds, my memory is going, still i cant blame EVERYTHING on the r/a, and for now will have to settle for cheese and tom thins, and o/h will come in and look at me like i have lost the plot when i tell him, have a good day, sue x

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  • Oh dear flowerpot, I'm sure the thins will be lovely lol. I once forgot to put the eggs in my yorkshire pudding batter and it did nasty things to my toad in the hole!

    Paula x

  • ha ha, sue x

  • That made me laugh,it seems that i'm not the only daft bat on here today,i fell back in my chair earlier and shook myself up. Look at my blog about going back to bed and you won't be able stop laughing either. I'm begining to think i should be locked in a padded cell for my own good.

    I hope that what you have prepared is lovely,hubby will eat it and say it's lovely won't he, i just the the things that come along from that comment. Girls i think we all need a laugh today.


  • hi, think you and i both need to be confind for our own protection,yesterday i tripped over a rug in the kitchen and went across the floor at a great speed of knots, [ hav,nt gone across the kitchen at that speed for a long time ha ha] yes he will eat it and say its nice [he does want to die before he retires only joking] anyway take care , sue x

  • Sue i had to look at the calender just to make sure it wasn't the 13th. sylvi.xx

  • ha ha x

  • meant to say he does,nt want to x

  • I'm sure whatever you've done for dinner it will get eaten.

    I think it must be an age thing. I go to the cupboard to get something and then stand there not knowing what I wanted to get, and I have on more than one occasion gone to put things in funny places, whilst wiping the dishes I have gone to put a plate in the bin rather than the cupboard, I could go on but you will all think I need to be committed!!lol

    Hope thats brought a smile to your face Sylvi, btw you need to take more water with it lol. Take care, no more throwing yourself around.


  • hi, i asked the doc, if the meds can cause bad memory, he said you cant blame everything on the r/a, then he said anything else, and i will see you next week, so i said ok, went to go then realized he had,nt gave me my script, he then said , "see what i mean", it made me smile, sue x

  • It would be better if i did drink,i wouldn't do so much damage mary.!!!!!

  • you make me feel so much better sue, on saturday morning i boiled an egg dry and it exploded, i then repeated the process. It took ages clearing up. I blame it on the dopey painkillers. Just remembered i forgot to take my medication tonight ahhhhhhhhh, it cannot be age i am too young to forget things.....

  • hi, ha ha , i hav,nt done that for a long while, i like your theory ,its the meds, i am going to go with that, [though i know age plays a part in my case] well heres to another day, lets see what happens, sue x

  • When i first moved from Scotland to England when i got married, I invited the new in laws for sunday lunch. Chicken, potatoes, veggies and stuffing. My mum in law taught me to make yorkshire puds and they were great.

    Everyone enjoyed the lunch until my oh told me the next day that you put water into packet stuffing mix ( i had never used it) ..so everyone sat and ate dry, hot stuffing mix and told me it was gorgeous.....!!!

    I've got a bit better over the years though lol Axx

  • ha ha ha.xx

  • hi allanah, that made me remember when we was younger, sister-in-law had just had first baby, and in the day everyone used terry nappies, so to impress she boiled the nappies, in a plastic bucket----- you can imagine she NEVER lived that one down, sue x

  • Hi Sue, I went for a trip on Saturday (over a lump of wood outside the backdoor) and ended up with a lump on the back of my head curtesy of the back door step. (I'm getting the feeling that between you, Sylvi and me we could make up an acrobatic team! - course it could be due to the phase of the moon ....... )

    Salad - had a salad with dinner on Sunday. OH had steak and chips with his. OH decided that .... wait for it ....... he really needs his plate warmed up a bit 'cause the chips get cold too quick !!!! (I listened to him in dis-belief and suprisingly didn't utter a word)

    I definitely hate cooking - when we were first married I washed and prepared veg. for dinner and salad for tea and then proceeded and cooked the lettuce instead of the cabbage at dinner time.

  • hi judi, ha ha ,the things we do, like the idea of acrobatic team , [full moon would be best, they say it makes some people do strange things] and i can believe anything the o/h s do ,[ looking at mine, he,s done some daft things in his time,], but thats another story,,sue x

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