I have got my o t hand clinic appointment next Wednesday at 8am.

Been away this weekend for a 1940s weekend must have walked miles, on cobbles too, and went to Haworth on Sunday too, that's is cobbled too, my feet don't hurt, they ach all day today, i don't know weather to put them up, down, round my neck, or round my o/h neck lol, but what a fantastic weekend :).

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  • Lol poor oh!!! Hope your feet react well to putting them up for a well deserved rest! And well done on the hand appointment , I found mine very helpful xx

  • i hope mine is as helpful, don't have too much pain in my hands today, but come Wednesday they will start, i take my mtx on a Thursday,

  • Same here today, flaring bad, causes ... Missing last infusion due to flu, steroids wearing of and daughter sick!!! But get infusion tomorrow!!

  • I have been told i need the flu jab again this year does anyone else have it?

  • Yes, each year. I'd already booked ours but at my last monthly bloods the nurse gave me mine so the vaccines I would think have been released at least a week now in Surgeries. It's recommended that anyone with weakened immune system should have the jab so I'd be booking yourself in now Gwen.

  • YES!!! Just got an different strain I think! X after having that flu that really knocked me out I am definitely getting mine this week x

  • My hand OT was excellent - she focused more on education & helping me understand what I could do to limit damage to my hands, when I saw her initially I had wondered if it was worth seeing her. I'm so glad I did! Her reasoning was that many years a go she'd worked with clients who had spinal injuries, she realised that if they lost the use of their hands then their life became severely limited, hence why she now focuses on education.

  • So pleased you had a good weekend & hope OT can help. Hopefully they'll sort out some splints for you or something. Ooo that dreaded word "cobbles" though, we have loads of pavements made up of pebbles (we live by the coast) & they're as bad. I either have to walk in the road or try to balance walking on the kerb! x

  • Haworth is such a lovely place. I haven't been there for many years but I used to live in Thornton just about 3 miles away and my husband lived in Keighley when we met. Cobbles are not good for for ankles and knee joints however. Hope you are feeling better today. Angela.

  • my feet are still a bit funny today, but like you say cobbles are not good for walking on lol, i used to live in cleckheaton,

  • Out whole village is cobbles plus raised bumps for visually impairs, they kill me!!!!

  • Oh my ... cobbles! Had the very same in Cornwall recently and felt for days after like I had been walking on red hot coals! Good news the sea soothed them a lot and red hot coals feeling wore off after a week. Sturdier, thicker soles needed underfoot next time I go near cobbles. Love Haworth .. not too far from me and love The Souk vintage/antiques and many other shops/cafes. Beautiful place. Sounds as though you may have visited The Souk too if you are into vintage/40's weekend. Good luck with your OT clinic. ;-)

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