Hello and Thank You

Hello everyone. I've been following this site for a few months now, but I haven't posted because I don't have a lot to say. All those who do post pretty much say it all. The daily email usually arrives where I live in the wee hours of the morning when I am often awake. I find great comfort in the posts here, to know I'm not alone in the pains and discomforts of autoimmune disease (for me, RA and Fibromyalgia). I want to say thank you to those who do post. Thanks for the questions you ask, the stories you share, the rants (I so relate to the rants), the compassion you show, and I especially love the humor. Thank you, fellow sufferers and thanks to those who run this site.

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  • That was so nice 😊

  • It is indeed a blessing. Welcome xxx

  • Sounds to me as though you'll have plenty to share if you relate to our rants Tam, just join in when you're ready! Those wee small hours can be lonely can't they so it's nice to think you're not alone, there were others in the same position, the same with silly o'clock nighttimes. Anyway, welcome & it's great to see you posting, hope to see more of you now you've broken your bat. :)

  • What a lovely post.......welcome, and I hope we hear from you again! M x

  • Don't delay use your voice we would love to hear more from you Tam.xxxx

  • Welcome Tam. I am sure you have lots to say! we would love to hear more especially some rants! hahahaha

  • I agree with you Tam. They are all so very supportive, kind and fun; plus you learn so much from those who post here. x

  • Wow I liked what you wrote . And you are totally correct in that you can just read and read and feel comfort but also gain knowledge that you also had a problem that some just resolved for you .... i try to be On Here and reply as much as I can but because of my illness there are times I'm not on and then there are times i just rant and the over powering help is humbling ...... Nice to meet you xx

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