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Went to the dentist yesterday. Previously, she has suggested that I may be clenching and grinding my teeth and that's why they seem sensitive and tend to be a little crumbly. I wondered if it was the MTX but she said not.

So, I've been using a toothpaste called Duraphat 5000, made by Colgate, which you can only get on dental prescription and which is very high in flouride. I like it as it doesn't froth up so much as the general pastes and it's got a really nice minty taste. It's a bit pricey though - around £7 I think.

Anyhow - I ran out of the Duraphat a couple of months ago so just bought a bog standard yucky toothpaste to tide me over. I found that my teeth started feeling very sensitive so I planned to get more Duraphat on my visit yesterday. But when I mentioned the sensitivity, my dentist strongly suggested I have a bite splint made, to wear overnight to stop me clenching and grinding (and lord knows what else I get up to in my sleep). Knowing me, though, I would never wear it. I never wore the Lucie Jig thing she made to try and cure my shoulder/neck/headaches - which were actually cured by a steroid jab into my shoulder but that's another story.

Cost of said splint thing? Same as a crown. Got to be joking? No. Kerching, kerching! So I bought 3 more packs of the Duraphat and will see how I get on...

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My friend went to see an orthodontic consultant for the same thing as you - her jaw kept jamming when she was stressed so she couldn't open it to eat sometimes. He said its from the shape of her jaw and lots of clenching and grinding. He said she just has to be aware of doing this when under stress which she has managed to do rather well since being told. She has OA and Ostioporosis but not RA.

I did read that oral hygiene is at the root of RA once when mine first kicked off so I know dentistry is very important but not sure that I would want a splint or brace either unless it was bothering me or waking me a lot? If so perhaps it's worth the expense if it sorts the problem and stops the referred pain? TTx


I remember my daughter having one of those night splints made and she never wore hers after the first night. I don't think I'd like to wear one either so good for you for being honest with them. Since starting mtx I've been very rigid about flossing and using mouthwash as I'm paranoid about losing teeth.

Paula x


I've been using Duraphat for several years but only pay £5 for a tube - £7 seems a bit excessive!


Maybe I can get it cheaper online? I'll have a look.


Hi whitedog,

Just wondered if you were still interested in the duraphat 5000?

Look forward to hearing from you.



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