Day 10 L/H Knuckle Replacement

My plaster was removed yesterday morning. Normally it's left on for 2 weeks but because the weight of it was putting strain on my only mobile elbow they agreed it should come off.

My scar is very neat, has healed beautifully and is horizontal running parallel to my fingernails across all my knuckles.

My hand looks odd looked odd before but now it's sort of weird because it doesn't look anything like a normal hand and has changed vastly from my old style. It is swollen and bruised but I can see the potential as there are no lumps and bumps in fact my fingers are in a much better position. (I do realise it's very early days.)

I have managed to get a pinch grip already with the first two fingers which made the physio nearly fall off her chair!

I have had a splint made and wear a stockinet to help reduce swelling. I have to wear the splint constantly whilst my re-positioned guiders/tendons learn to stay on top of the joint where belong and not at the side.

I remove the splint to do my exercises for 2 minutes every hour.

I have to wear this splint for 4 more weeks.

The downside is I still can't start feeding myself for another week (I know it's only a week even I can manage that) The upside is I reckon I am going to love my new hand dearly :)

I did have photos taken but they are not pretty and could shock some, so I shan't post these early ones as it might put people off who're considering this surgery. I will put some up when the swelling has reduced and bruising gone.

Off to admire my hand :P

Love, Legs x

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  • Good news! Hope it continues to improve. M x

  • Thank you M.

    Love, Legs x

  • So pleased for you! All the best for a speedy recovery! :-)

    Fifi xxx

  • Thank you NanaFifi. Love, NannaLegs x

  • It really helps to hear your experience. I just hope you can get back to better than normal very soon xxx

  • Ahh thanks Cathie. Love, Legs x

  • Great to see that you are so positive! Keep up with the great spirit!

  • Thank you Amy. Love, Legs x

  • Hope your recovery continues well.



  • Thank you Crusee. Love, Legs x

  • Great news darling,t wouldn't frighten me if you post photos darling.xxxxx

  • Perhaps not Sylvi, but some can be squeamish. I will put photos up but I will wait till some of swelling has gone. I'll probably do 'Before', Straight After Surgery' and then 'After'. And thanks for the good wishes. Love, Legs x

  • Glad its going so well for you. Keep shocking them x

  • I will Leon. :) Thanks. Love, Legs x

  • Hope it goes to plan and you feel much better

  • Yes Mathilda it truly is and the exercises are going well too, thanks. Love, Legs x

  • Wow brilliant news. Thanks for sharing.

    Speedy recovery.


  • You're welcome Smithfield and thank you. Love Legs x

  • Good to hear the healing is going well, good luck x

  • Thanks Cagsie. Love, Legs x

  • im happy your doing good you have a great spirit im not sure i would be as ok. A week isnt long at all and Before you know it you'll be better then before.

  • Thank you Jaclyn. I do think we can cope with far more than we realise when put to the test. :) Love, Legs x

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