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First visit to a new Dentist


I was eating some nuts on Friday and a part of my filling broke off. I'm now living in Canada and I don't have insurance to cover, but apart from that I am not sure if I have to stop any of my medications. I do have a lovely new Rheumatologist who has arranged for me to have several tests which I have had. The TB SKIN test came back negative so I have to wait 2 weeks to have the test again second test just to make sure it is still negative, then she will apply for me to get the infusion I was having in the UK. The Rheumatologist has put me on Apo-Leflunomide 10mg in the meantime. Not sure if I can take this and the steroids whilst going to the dentist? Has anyone else had to stop medications before seeing a dentist, I also have diabetes which I have been told is caused by taking steroids for over 2 years.

I hope everyone is feeling as pain free as possible, I hear the weather is really nice in the UK. I hope it is helping everyone to feel much better.

Take care everyone Sue xx

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If it's just replacement filling you shouldn't have any problems. But, as always, if you have any doubts check with the rheumy dept.

Goodness No.... there is no need to stop the medication unless there is any invasive treatment, breaking the surface of the skin for an extraction for instance or if there is any danger of infection. The dentist would advise you.

Blimey you could be talking about me regarding Friday. I had been chewing a toffee and i lost my filling. I went to the dntist in the afternoon and had it filled which was good as i didn't fancy spending all weekend nursing it. £54.90 later i had one tooth filled. Hugs from me.xxxx

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Tks Sylvie, I don't have a clue how much it will cost me I haven't been to the dentist over here in year's but I just want to get my tooth fixed. I am moving in to my new flat tomorrow.

Thanks Sylvi & magglen, for your responses, I am off to the dentist after I get the keys to my apartment, thankfully my son is taking 3 day's off to help me move. I have had to buy new furniture as it wasn't worth shipping it over here, What I couldn't sell I gave to the family, especially my nephew as he needed it.

I am doing okay apart from the flare up's at least once a week but they only lasting1-2 day's thankfully. I have a new Rheumatologist she great, I had all the usual tests but I have to have the TB skin test again, not that it failed, they just want to make sure that it will come back negative again, then the Rheumatologist will apply for me to have the infusions again which worked and I had a great response. The only problem I had was with the infusion itself, they had to stop it and then restart it and I was fine. Maybe, I didn't drink enough water on the day and the day before. Fingers crossed I will get approved for Tocilzumab and I can feel much better.

I hope everyone is feeling as pain free as possible.

Hope you enjoy your holiday Sylvi, you certainly deserve it.

Take care everyone, Sue xx

Hi angel-delight,

we have a section on oral health on our website:

The dentist advice does relate to the UK but hopefully there will be something in there of use to you in Canada,


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

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