So going in for my spine injections on the 28th April at otley&wharfedale general for this slipped disc that is still bulging and causing me

Pain has anybody had these sort of injections before ??? As I am a little apprehensive to say the least I don't even know how they do them yet is it under sedation??? I would presume so as it says in my letter nothing to eat for 6 hours before I go in at 1 I'm a little worried as never had injections in spine it's always been my knees that have been the problem as I have oa in them x

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  • Are you having a Caudal Epidural? If so I had one many years ago, under a general anaesthetic. It was fine. Didn't work much for me but fingers crossed it will work for you. I had two discs removed in the end. Clemmie

  • Not sure as the consultant hasn't said yet I'm a little apprehensive to say the least x

  • I had lots of different injections in my spine in the early years of pain and they really aren't too bad. I find if you fear the worst, then it is never as bad! You could always call the Consultants's secretary and ask her to have a look in your notes to see what exactly you are having and she can then also find out whether you will be having a general anaesthetic. But whatever you have, just concentrate on the fact that (hopefully) you will get some relief from the pain. Good luck. Clemmie

  • I never thought about ringing the secretary thanks for that just hope they work xxx

  • And. Even if you don't have a general, you can still ask for some sedation to help to calm you down. They generally give IV Midazolam for this which can be a big help if you are really scared. Clemmie

  • Hi,

    I have had 3 epidurals so far. The nurses spray my back with something that is very cold. The specialist then gives me an injection to freeze the area before giving me the actual epidural injection. He asks me to tell him when I can feel it going down my leg, it doesn't hurt as my specialist gives it to me in 3 doses. Some specialist give it in one dose. It feels like a dull pressure going down your leg. That is if it is the same kind of epidural I have. You can have 3-4 in one calendar year. It varies in people and depends how bad your prolapsed disc is Good luck, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. It is such relief if it works, hopefully, it will work for you. Take care, Sue

  • hello again deejojo, once again am interested with this info, as I too have 3 herniated discs in spine that are causing lots of pain, including electric shock type pains, Can I ask you to let me know how all this goes, as I have not heard of this. My surgeon only told me about fusing the spine. This sounds a better option, will be thinking of you, and so sorry I cold not be of any help regarding this matter Thank you to all for other info. bluetit33

  • Of course I will let you. Know when I have had it done dreading it though

  • I had an injection on July 6. It has worked to help a lot with the pain. They asked me if I want to fully knocked out. I said yes. The also had told me not to eat 6 hours prior to the injection.😄😃

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