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Whatever next?

It's been a right week! I can't drive my car right now as it doesn't have power steering, so I drive my hubby's Scenic and he takes my little Peugeot 106. she's not a very manly car, pale blue with a Nemo aerial ball and a lovely Bagpuss mouse perched on the dash! I think he'd like to trade her in for something more masculine but I don't want to let her to go as I'm hopeful I'll be able to take her back some time soon, if the mtx does it's job. Anyway, Wednesday on his way to work the exhaust fell off. Luckily he knows his way around old cars and I'm pleased to say he was able to put her back together without too much damage to the purse, or should that be wallet as he paid? I think he's become quite an accomplished mechanic over the years as we've had more than our fair share of old bangers.

Although I was grateful for his mechanical expertise I wasn't happy that the carpets haven't been getting hoovered regularly. We have two dogs but currently the carpet is resembling a third as I'm unable to use the hoover right now. Spurred on by a combination of pmt, steroids and bad temper I aired my dismay at lack of help and guilted him into pushing the Dyson around. 5 minutes in and the Dyson blew up. I told him if he didn't want to do it he only had to say! Anyway the repair man is due today thanks to the marvellous 5yr warranty. I'm hoping he comes early so I can still go swimming as it really helps my joints.

I had my second dose of mtx and was feeling pretty good on Sunday and convincing myself how the pain was so much reduced perhaps I wouldn't need to increase dose to 15mg after all? Then I remembered I had a steroid jab so that's probably what's eased things. No nausea though so a positive start. This morning I've still got painful toes and feet and my right wrist and hand are sore but it's very early days.

The diet is going really well, I've lost 2lb this week giving a new total of 50lb. I don't know how I ever allowed myself to get so fat when following a healthy diet is really not that difficult. Hubby looks great too having lost 49lbs. I think the marital bed is heaving a huge sigh of relief at the combined loss of over 7stone, that's the equivalent of a whole little person when you think about it!

Enough rambling from me this morning. I hope you are all keeping well and enjoyed a little sun over the weekend. Suppose I should do a little house work.

Paula x

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Paula my friend,it's so nice to hear you on here. I have had to give up driving due to my knee,hoping i will be able to drive after op this week. I haven't driven for 1 1/2yrs now so i don't know what i would be like if i do get behind the wheel again. Some men will do anything to get out of the hoovering,but i have to say thats one of the best. I am hoping to start losing weight when i get mobile again as i plan to start walking.

I spent the weekend out in my garden and i have a lovely colour on me,at least it hides how bad i feel anyway. My garden is starting to take shape,but there is so much i need to do and i won't have time before thursday.

love sylvi.xx


Are you just being admitted or is your op on Thursday Sylvi? I'm really excited for you but it must still be a worry. Please make sure someone keeps us updated on your progress. It has been lovely getting outside but it's been really windy here with it. I did manage to do a small BBQ yesterday and made homemade kofta kebabs... Mmmm delicious even if I do say so myself! It'll be nice to see some summer pictures soon with your garden in full bloom. I really hope you can get back to driving too. x


My grace will post on here and on my f/book page so it will get out one or another.,To be honest i'm not too worried about going in as i know what to expect,lots of pain,lot of pschyio. As long as i'm able to walk painfree i will be happy.

I have managed to do quite a bit in my garden,not as much as i would normally do, as i have a rottweiler of a daughter who makes me stop. She just goes outside and starts clearing up and thats me done then. All she keeps telling me is to sit down. She is a great daughter though,she supports her dad quite a bit as he is a worrier.

Take care,xx


Hi Paula,

It sounds as if you have had a mad week, lucky your husband managed to sort the car. They do say things happen in 3's, not trying to talk anything up!

It's brilliant that you've lost so much weight - well done.

Hope you get to go swimming, that's something I would like to do but I would just sink lol

Glad you have had no bad side effects with the MTX, I must admit I feel quite weary on the day I take it but then am ok again.

All the best for now



Hubby said the same thing about bad things happening in 3's so I'm keeping everything crossed just in case. Good that you only get a little tiredness after your mtx, I'm hoping things will still be ok when I increase to 15mg on Friday. I'm getting my first blood test on Wednesday and I must admit I'll feel better when I know how my bloods are doing. Can't you swim mazza? It really does help my mobility. I feel very proud of my frogs legs when doing breaststroke. It takes a little time to get the left hip going properly but once it starts there's no holding me back lol x


Hi Paulywoo. had to laugh at your description of hubby, the car and the Dyson. Are you sure he is safe to be let loose?

I've now gone up to 25mg on the MTX so seeing how that goes. This is by injection which seems to have less side effects than the tablets.

Hope everything goes well with the blood tests and you also find the increase in MTX helps as well. LavendarLady x


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