Progress & Hope one year on!

Progress & Hope one year on!

Today me & my hubs and my brother and his beloved,went to 'Bloom in the park' which is Irelands equivalent to Chelsea flower show, though not so posh! I had a fabulous time including lush strawberries & cream. We walked from my brothers house which is beside Dublin Phoenix park to Bloom, we walked around all the show gardens, including a fabulous one made by 'Aware' the depression society, and another created by homeless people. There was also the usual aray of German & Japanese inputs. Must say some German people skipped a queue I was in, for free low fat yoghurt & pineapple (very cheeky) but then my hubs skipped then too, so I just gave up!

Must get back to point of this blog, oh yeah I remember, last year I wanted to go, but was daunted by all the walking I would have to do, and knew I would ruin it or make myself miserable. I was fantastic this year, and only got sore ankles & feet walking home after four hours to my brothers house! I said to Dan is'nt it remarkable the improvement, he actually has very sore hip & was limping all afternoon & quite crankly, I have to say and I know it was mean, but I said 'now you know how I feel with RA' . Well, that remark set off a right hissy fit! Anyway suffice to say after 32 years together, I finally accept Gardens & flowers & crafts are not his thing!!!! Especially as the poor love was in pain!

Anyway, Donal my bro also had sore feet, he has psoriasis and asked me a lot about MTX & Humira. they made us a lovely dinner, and then took out a Bong type thing they got in Istanbul and we all tried some apple/cinnamon smoke - apparently its the big thing in Turkey!

My daughter then rang to say our little pug Milly had come into season , so I had to rush home & deal with all that entails!!!

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  • GLad you are doing so well. WHat a coincidence my pug Lola came into season yesterday too so she is now running round with her little knickers and sanitary towel on lol.

  • I was going to investigate the possibility of them in pet shop tmoro, should I really, I have never had an un neutered female arg help!

  • like the cute dog in the picture.xx. Gina im sRue you know RAand psorasis are linked>>? and psoraris can lead to psoratic arthtiis both can be treated with methotrexate and enbrel.. got a girl at work with psorisis and she was using enbrel for it. !grr woulf love it or humira for my RA.. she got it a couple of years ago before spending cuts.. not on it now just UV therapy and tars/ creams etc as she is trying for a baby/// im off to bed now chat soon. we still might get chance to meet up!! x

  • Gina they may look silly but stop all the mess and stop our male her brother getting at her a bit like a chastity belt lol however we just use standard pads trimmed down or folded as the petshop pads are around £6 a box ebay is cheapest for the knickers.

  • ps get them neutered unless you want to breed from cos accidents easily happen with dogs.. xx

  • Hi Gina

    I am so glad for you. I love flower shows, but like you RH isn't into that sort of thing. I go to all his war and ancient history films and dos and stuff, but anything girlie... he makes such a fuss. But it must have been lovely for you to enjoy it without worrying about the RA too much. Well done.

    Take care Julie xxxx

    Love the doggie, bless her....

  • Well done Gina, That's fab progress and you should feel very proud that you have come so far. Long may it continue :)

    Take care

    Lyn x

  • Hi Gina, it's great to get your life back isn't it, this time last year you probably didn't now what the future held for you. Having a positive attitude as helped you enormously, keep it up Gina.

    Take care

    mandy xx

  • Thanks all, as you know I have bad days still, and struggle with fatigue by times especially the week I am working! I know I'm not cured, but hopefully am in good place at the moment so doing best to enjoy! Just finished some re potting in garden, shoulder a bit sore, but again a year ago it was out of the question, better be careful not to overdo! Am sure I will be moaning again by Thurs as back to work on Wed, am sure the extra couple of hours in morning going slowly is the key!

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