If you go down to the tip today

If you go down to the tip today

Oh my goodness in trying to make better use of my time energy and petrol. i decided to load up the car with rubbish and go to the tip after my gp appointment. what an idiot i fell down and the tip and to cut a long story short' i am now wearing a pot on my left wrist again. It hurts A LOT so am dosed up on pain relief not driving and typing the blog with one finger lol, Ok moan over off now to try and shower using one arm whilst the other one is wrapped in a bin liner.Sharon

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  • Oh dear Sharon, hope you feel better soon.

    Do you use Freecycle at all? You can get people to come and collect things you dont want any more and take them away.

    So sorry!

  • This was garden rubbish Cathy. Yes I do use Freecycle for other things I think it is a great site.

  • Oh Sharon, thats awful, hate falling but in a tip! I hope there was someone to help you! I took my dogs for walk there an hour ago and one of them leapt into a deep part of river, luckily I had put a harness on her, and as she swam away in fright me and my other dog managed to coax her back and I hauled her out! My wrist not the better for it! Still I could Have fallen in!!! (which was on my mind) Glug!

    Ps. She does stink now:(

  • Oh dear Gina hope you manage to get her selling sweeter.

  • I think your dog looks cute Gina. Ive got an elderly shitzu called May. Only problem at the moment is that she is blind, deaf and confused. ( Dont laugh I know it is a bit much) Also become incontinent lately. Some people think I should put her to sleep but her tail is still up alot of the time and she is still eating but its getting harder and harder. Oh dear ....

  • ONce she still eating and seems happy enough I would keep her. I had a blind collie once and as long as we did'nt move hse he was fine: Love the doggies me! never let you down! I have also a shih tzu called Lucy, can't have big dogs anymore coz of damn RA!

  • I had to go to the carpet shop today to look at carpet. The salesman suggested the same one they put in nursing homes! Its not that stylish but well what can you do..!? She my girl isnt she


  • ooh sharon. have the not got doorstop recycling aka green tubs, green bins, brown bins or even blue recycling bins your way glos had green and brown bins for recyling

    brown is a slop bin . fortnigtly waste collection.. twekesbury had bright blue bins for something!! keeps the bin manufactueres in business

  • Hi summer we only have a blue bin for tin paper etc and a green one for household waste.

  • Oh what a shame, it's so frustrating when things go wrong and so badly :( I hope your painkillers have kicked in now and you won't be uncomfortable for too long. Sending gentle hugs, please take care of yourself xx

  • Oh thank you that hug really helped.

  • Oh dear Sharon, I do hope you feel better soon, you find some lovely places to trip up! take care Julie xx

  • I know I must find somewhere less smelly.

  • Oh, poor you! Do be careful Sharon - I hope that there were people around to help you? How frustrating though - grrr - you have my sympathy:-)

    Cece x

  • Yes there was a man who worked there i crawled to the back of my car and dragged myself up. Very undignified.

  • hope you feel better soon.. hows the dating?? xx

  • Its going ok although we havent been out this week. But we are still talking and texting.

  • Ouch!! Hope you feel better soon

    Sue x

  • Thank you Sue.

  • Get the shifty looking bloke in the donkey jacket to move your stuff next time! There's always one, picking his nose, looking like he's doing nowt. Took a telly to the tip last week; could have removed the insides & got it converted to a bungalow it was that big. The lad with the fluorescent donkey jacket took it out, legs buckling. Serious message: don't try to do too much, it sometimes hurts!

  • Yes you are so right Andrea.

  • Oh dear, too young to be put on the tip Sharon!! Poor you - the slightest twist, trip or jolt is soooo painful - and still is by all accounts.

    Lol!! Andrea, We have that guy at out tip too! He gets about doesn't he, old rubbish tip Reg!!

    Get better soon Sahron.



  • Thanks Caroline arm is feeling less painful day by day.

  • Poor Sharon. As if you haven't got enough to put up with. Which hurts most, arm or pride? x

    Gina. Hope your little doggy is ok. I would have been frantic. well done for getting her out. x

  • Definitely the arm lol.

  • so sorry to hear you fell and hurt yourself.Next time when you go down there play the helpless lady act, it always work. Someone will help if you pretend you don't know which bin to use.Hope you get better soon. sylvi.xx

  • Yes good idea. Next time will wear both wrist splints and take my stick.

  • Oh dear hope your on the mend soon!!

    I feel fit for the scrap heap most days! but Ive never tried to get on it lol

    take care xx

  • Yes i know what you mean.xxx

  • How are you feeling now Sharon? better I hope.

  • Feeling better day by day. Thank you.

  • Hi Sharon

    After the trouble you've gone to to get a cast I hope you chose a nice colour! I quite like the purple :)

    Get well soon,

    Lyn x

  • Yes I chose purple cause its my favorite colour.

  • A little funny story my mum fell and broke her index and middle finger. somehow it was set wrong and now she has two V sign fingers sticking up all the time!!!!!!

    Hope it feels better soon

    Fiona xxxx

  • Oh dear sorry but that is funny.

  • Oh sharon poor you, take care and rest.

    Thinking of youTriciaxx

  • Thankyou.

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