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Here you go !!!

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Hi everyone just thought I would post this photo. I am not keen on having my picture taken but found this one taken in June. I feel all of my 71years. I have had a horrendous year and its ending as it started. I have been poorly for most of the year as I know a lot of you have. The worst time was in May. I had been out of hospital for a couple of weeks when my little dog, Harry, died suddenly at home. The pain is horrendous. I was then asked if I would like to join some friends on a short cruise which was very nice for a few days then I was taken ill. I ended up in hospital where I was diagnosed with Linear stomach ulcers that are only now beginning to heal. On top of all this I have had no RD meds for almost the whole of the year. I do feel for everyone in pain but hope you can all enjoy Christmas 🎄 xx Mary

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Mary, what a lovely picture of you despite being so unwell throughout the year. I'm still trying to work out if looking so well despite having RD is a good or bad thing ! 2019 is almost upon us and hopefully will bring you some relief. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Mmrr, I get quite annoyed when people say 'you look really well' nobody knows what's going on inside xx

You look lovely Mary. Glad to know you are healing. Why are they taking so long for the RD med? Hope they get sorted soon. I shall certainly be enjoying Christmas with the family - have a brilliant one too. - Hessie 😊

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MaryTH in reply to Hessie5

Thank you Hessie5, I saw the RD consultant last Thursday and he is trying to find a Biological that will not upset the stomach problems too much plus he said a lot of the Biolics require to be on MTX which is where I think to stomach troubles began. Well we will see what happens in January. xx

Hi lovely .lovely sorry about you dog .its very hard .they are part of your family. Sounds like you have had an awfull time .hope your christmas too lovely xxkathyxx

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MaryTH in reply to keeta

Thank you Keeta, greetings to you to xx

Hello Mary, lovely to meet you! You look and sound such a sweetheart! I know the pain of losing a pup, it's the worst ever! On top of your health it's the last thing to happen, I'm so sorry. I think of my pups in Rainbow bridge playing with all their friends :) it makes my smile through the emotional pain. Talking of pain, what a year indeed! I'm so glad when we get to December when I hear folks have had a tough year. I truly hope next year is a happier, healthier one! Keep us posted re your non RA/D meds situation. Xxx

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Thank you Shalf, great idea about the photos. I don't post much on here but look every day. xx

Hi Mary we're abt same age Lovely to meet you hope your feeling a bit better I've had a bad year but this forum is the best I'm sure you will enjoy

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MaryTH in reply to Nsmith13

Hi Nsmith13 it's good to meet you to and thank you xx

Happy Christmas x and gentle hugs x

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MaryTH in reply to Doughnut61

Thank you Doughnut61, greetings to you to xx

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