Seeing specialist about RA ?

Hi thought id say hello to everyone ,

Dont really know where to start . Firstly got blood results RF was positive, but specialist said he s not sure if it rheumatism . I get horrible pains in my elbows , feet and my knuckles swell up , I find it hard picking things up as i get bad pain and have no strength . Im exhausted all the time . Im going to see the specialist on the 17th MAY I hope they have some answers for me . I have just had all my bloods done but i dont know what they mean .Im confused and get fed up with worry and pain .

Sorry , if ive gone on abit .

Hope everyone is ok and coping .

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  • Hi Bradford,

    You poor thing, it is awful when you just don't know what's wrong. Has your GP given you any painkillers to take in the meantime? Just whilst you wait for apppointment, which fortunately is not too far away.

    A positive RF doesn't necessarily mean RA, it can be down to many things including stress and hormones, which I imagine will be all over the place when you're feeling so bad.

    Try to rest as much as possible, don't force yourself to do too much. Re sore feet, I found wearing fit-flops around house much more comfortable than bare feet. Baths can be good for pain, if daughters' around to help you out if necessary.

    If it is RA then you are in the best possible hands, the doctors are seeing you quickly which hopefully means your treatment will be started fairly soon.

    In prep for the hospital I found keeping a diary of my pain really useful for the consultant as one day can merge into the next. Also pop into your docs and get a sample bottle, you'll probably be asked for a urine sample that morning - just means can do in comfort of the house.

    Good luck and keep us posted x

  • Thank you for your reply and advice I will definatly keep you informed and I am glad there are other people who understand .

    Take care x

  • Hi from me too! I'm in the same boat as you, positive RF and waiting to see the consultant for a diagnosis. I agree with everything CptJen has flip flops are my best friends and only £3 from Asda :-) I've found the people on this site have helped me to get through this very difficult time. The stress is awful when you're in pain and waiting to know what is going on but don't be afraid to let off steam on here. Good luck to you and here's hoping you get sorted soon.

    Paula x

  • Hi Paulawoo

    Isnt it horrid not knowing whats going on :( Flip Flops I will have to invest in some :) I ve received a few messages and I am just in the process of thanking everyone who replied.

    Thank you Paula take care x

  • I recommend Fit Flops (not to be confused with flip flops!) - they're shaped so i find really supportive on knees and feet. You get them in Boots x

  • Bradford i have found out in the past that when you don't know whats wrong it makes everything hard to take in. You are getting a really early early appointment so you only have 17 days until they see you. As has been said before rest and painkillers to tide you over. I will be going into hospital that day for a operation so i wish you well for that day and i will catch up on how your doing when i get out.


  • Hi thank you for your reply , Your so right I hope i find out soon what wrong with me , then i can put my mind at rest .

    I hope your operation goes well . All the best x

  • Hi Bradford,

    I have only been diagnosed for a couple of months. I felt the same as you while the diagnosis was being confirmed, it made me feel really stressed. My rheumatologist put me on Naproxen to help with the inflammation and pain during the wait for blood test and scans etc.

    I am now in my second month of Methotrexate plus Naproxen and am feeling a whole lot better. Pain is mostly gone, just the odd twinge here and there. I am really lucky that the meds seem to be working with no side effects.

    I also keep a diary, first daily, now just once a week, it does help for when you see the consultant.

    Keep positive, I will be thinking about you on the 17th.

    mazza x

  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply , im so pleased your meds are working . Hopefully mine will be sorted next time i go see the specialist .

    Thank you for your advice on the diary .

    All the best x

  • Hi Bradford,

    As others have said, try not to put more pressure on yourself while you're waiting and as much rest as you can. It's hard with a young family, so I hope they understand that you need a bit of extra help at the moment too. But try not to worry, even if you do have RA the majority of people respond really well to the meds and are back on their feet - pain free - quite quickly. It's just with this disease everything seems to take more time, waiting for appointments, results, and for treatments to work - so also try not to except that it'll all be better as soon as you've seen the specialist as it could take a bit longer. Gods luck. Polly

  • Hi

    I try to relax when i come home from work ( well im shattered) this is what gets to me , been tired all the time . Im glad i came across this site because now i know i can talk to people who understand .

    Thank you Polly

    All the best x

  • I meant good luck!

  • Hi Bradford

    If you ever want to talk your situation through in a bit more detail and ask any questions you may have about how the condition is diagnosed etc. please feel free to call the NRAS helpline from 9.30-4.30 Mon-Fri on 0800 298 7650. I'm pleased to see that you are also getting a lot of support on here and hope that they get to the bottom of what's causing he symptoms soon. If it isn't RA, the important thing is to persist in getting another diagnosis, as something must be causing this.

    Kind regards


    (NRAS Helpline & Information Coordinator)

  • Thank you for the advice x

  • Hello,

    That is at least a positive that it is not MS.

    I find co-codemol works if i take i don't take it too often. Where as Nsaids seem to work when they are built up in system.

    If you are getting steroid injections directly into joints, try to keep the joint immobile for 24 hours - I only found this out latterly so first couple didn't work.

    Before I got diagnosed the podiatrist thought I had Mortons Neuroma, which obviously I at 27, was all my own fault. Luckily doc was a bit more understanding and I persisted and was able to tell podiatrist my thoughts on her diagnosis!

    You take care and keep going, we're all here if you find yourself in a pickle x

  • Hi CptJen

    Thank you , ye think your right about the pain killers ,I only take them on an evening as i wake through the night with pain . I will discuss my meds on the 17th . Thank you for your advice , I guess im still in the dark and will be more knowledgable about things once i have answers .

    Hope your ok x

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