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RA or?? help me

hey all. im 20 currently in uni and having the worst year of my life. all started when i got sick last may, with tonsilitis,swollen lym swollen spleen and the stiff joints... soon after i started feeling better no more lymph nodes,spleen tonsilitis great!. but thereafter i started having digestive issues first diarrhea whenever i had a bowel movement for like 2 months, then i moves to china on scholarship and started having having constipation... every doctor just giving pain killers laxatives telling me its the food...anyway the digestive issues have settled and are getting better but throughout this whole ordeal my joints have gotten me worried. some finger joints are stiff but no swelling or tender pain since the throay issues in may, but now im havin joint stiffness in my elbows,right shoulder,knees still no hot swelling or redness just locking pain in elbows, sometimes my knee my hurt a bit randomly... now i have some random hives or.redness on hands and face when my skin is touched hard suchs as when im playing ball and i get a slap on the hand or bump the are gets hivey and red...this happens sometimes also (they were worse b4 during throat problms)after i defacate..... its alll just ao confusing! and reading the.internet just makes me more it RA...some type of arthritis(god forbid) whats causing the hives? is reactive arthritis? whats causing the stomach issues??

all my visits to.the doctor i tell.them but get painkillers, laxatives...i dont know if im overthinking things but its been 9 months now and it always feels like one problem after another AND i have a very competitive scholarship....IT FEELS LIKE A LOT SOMETIMES GOD BE WITH ME.

SORRY for the overload but if anyone has any clue to anything i have mentioned pls do leave a comment or share your stories. thank and i.wish all of you GOOD HEALTH.

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Tell them you're worried it'sRA and ask for blood test, at least you'd know. I scared myself silly googling but was pretty sure it was last year. Good luck

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Hi vegeto,

are you still in China? have a look at our page on RA, diagnosis and symptoms. If you suspect RA then you need to be seen by a rheumatology consultant to get a definite diagnosis. However, we don't know how the medical system works in China. Do you have private medical insurance to cover you if you are still in China?


Beverley (NRAS helpline)

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no. i have a scholarship coverage but its not really good and only applies to public hospitals...which have a lot of patiens it being beijing and all...these doctor just.give a quick fix no interest in investigating further



If it could be RA and after reading the info on our website you think it might be then I really do suggest that you need to be seen by a rheumatology consultant as soon as possible. Early intervention leads to the best possible outcome with RA. Sometimes it is worth paying for a private consultation to get the diagnosis if the healthcare system is not good where you are.



Hi sorry to hear of all your problems. I have had RA for 40 years now. I remember in the early years my doctors receptionists son was being treated for juvenile arthritis. Years later they found out that he had either ulcerative colitis or coelic disease, sorry I cant remember which. These can cause joint pains too so it is worth considering.

Regards Jean

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