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Hi guys hope you are all well. just looking for advice I have worked all my life but decided to change career at 50 and train as a nurse but have way through my degree I was diagnosed with RA but unfortunately was in to much pain to complete passing everything bar 1 exam. since then have not been able to work but desperate to get back out there and earn a crust, care work would be to heavy and dont know how employers would react if i was to take time of due to flareups but going brain dead sitting at home any advice or help would be well appreciated.

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  • Hello -

    I do understand. I am 53 & have been an administrative Assistant for 15+ years & now since my hands hurt all of the time, I need to change my career. I have always wanted to help the elderly so I am going to take some courses & try to flip my life upside down. I have been on disability for a year now due to RA & complications of it. I have went on 4-5 interviews for my prior career & it just frightens me to worry about my fatigue & pain becoming increasingly worse.

    My heart goes out to you. But you have friends here😊🌹

  • Hi I know I spent most of my life in the forces then left in 2000 due to being diagnosed with epilepsy so after a period of time working in care decided to go into nursing but developed ra after my first year of uni

  • Gforcemom are there no adaptations you can ask your employer about before you give up your current career? Voice recognition software and risk assessments for manual handling if you have to move files or such like? Access to work can provide funding to small businesses to keep people in work x

  • I chose not to go back to this employer due to at work stress. I had two cameras on me & they record all phone calls😳

    I have problems with my emotions & thought process. I worry a lot about everything & it is taking a toll on me. This disease is really difficult. Thank you for the advice. Only you guys really understand 😊🌹

  • I took a open university degree in my own time in health and social care and after being a housing support worker progressed to retirement village manager . This way I get to help support people whilst doing administrative work with no manual handling . My company have been brilliant since I was diagnosed 15 months ago and when I get a flare up I work shorter hours and make the time up with shorter lunches when I feel better have a look at the courses on ou website they are brill. As you work through you can gain qualifications that will help you get a job in that field whilst gaining practical experience in that field. Hope this helps

  • Hi there,

    There are a couple of organisations that may be able to help you at getting back into work. Firstly there is the access to work scheme : .

    The other organisation that maybe able to helps is Remploy :

    I hope this helps.

  • You could ask at a Jobcentre plus if they have a disability adviser that you could see for advice. I was doing an assessment a couple of days ago in a Job Centre and the Disability Jobs Adviser there was really good.

  • Thanks will look into that

  • Never thought of remploy will see if they work localy thanks

  • Thanks had thought about doing ou course

  • I was working freelance (due to living remotely) so time off sick, working flexibly etc wasn't possible.. I reluctantly gave up work and am now doing an OU degree in something completely different. The OU is fantastic in providing advice and help and once I'd got my head round being a 'disabled student' (I couldn't write so it was fairly obvious!) I haven't looked back and really enjoy it.

  • Hi ou sounds good idea for me

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