(60 Second Guide to RA) go to site and click on( 60 second guide to RA). at top of page. this is brill

60-Second Guide to Rheumatoid Arthritis


Hi! This is me, Rheumatoid Arthritis Guy. I am a superhero who lives with rheumatoid arthritis. My illness will last a lifetime, but reading this guide to RA will only take a minute - I promise. (I'll even use a countdown timer, just like they do in the action movies!)

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  • Thanks this is really interesting

  • Thanks for this, had a good look and in one of the profiles found;


    which is; ''Tasty, healthy recipes for living well with arthritis.''

    written by someone with arthritis who is a clinical nutritionist :)

    Love it! thanks Ladybird :)

  • Hi Steff and Wiliby thought this very helpful to show family and friends a quick outline of RA who don't understand sometimes how we feel, especially in flare-ups some of us worse than others. I count myself as the not so bad ones but there are occasions when you feel really crap.

    Sometimes family and friends don't understand i think this blog is perfect for them to read, without them thinking we are just being miserable or feeling sorry for ourselves. So the times that we don't feel up to doing something. Once they have read it all we need to say sorry Hun having an off day today, and hopefully they won't need to say (why what's up ?) grrrrrr!!!!! ha ha ha take care both of you xx.Thanks for cooking blog Wiliby will have look at it. ((())) Ladybird

  • Have no idea what happened to the first part of my comments!! Basically saying "Brilliant idea, very well composed, wonderful site to visit often. I used to think I was Superwoman when I had Psoriatic Arthritis, and RA and several spine surgeries and managed a home and my sons and started a Support Group, then had to retire on Disability, so thought I had to give up being Superwoman, but you have shown me I still am! " Loretxxx

  • Hi Loret you certainly are a Superwoman for what you have been through don't let anyone tell you any different. I just thought this site could help us all in one way or other to cope with our problems of this disease, but not in a morbid and negative way. Take care ((( ))) Ladybird x

  • Thanks Ladybird - I've just got home and was feeling really fed up to be back (hubby off on nightshift) - as if I was returning to my RA existence from a world of fun. But reading the RA guy's positive spin on RA for him has brought me back to my senses by reminding me that of course you can't just get on a ship and then drive for 6 hours and leave RA behind. Nor can you come back to it the same way - it's just something that's part of me now wherever I go - how daft am I?! (don't answer that!). TTx

  • Aww i am glad it helped Tilda i just thought it was so inspirational and quite funny too especially (How you know that you have RA) Is when you choose what you spread on your toast by whatever jar you can open was one of them. ha ha ha. Take care Ladybird x we have to laugh at ourselves sometimes and not let Demon RA win .

  • Hi Im Lisa I love the one about standing in front of the lovely hot shower knowing how good it will make you feel, But you find yourself in t shirt prison cause you cant get the t shirt off, I like reading these some are funny and funny is what I need these days

  • Hi Lisa

    Glad you liked my link, and it gave you a smile x Ladybird

  • Hi Ladybird, wow yes if I hear "why what's wrong" one more time I may scream and I'm a quiet person. Even when I was taken into hospital for inflammation, neuropathy making my right side numb with shooting and burning pains I was asked why I was there. So... this link really made me smile :)

  • Hi steff

    I know they are only 3 little words but very annoying when your having a bad day, its worse when you know they know what wrong with you ;). Ladybird x

  • Hi,

    Yep definitely x

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