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Bad day!! :-(

Not a good start I woke up feeling like I'd been punched in the jaw and like someone had stamped on my hand and foot (painful and swollen), traffic was awful so I was late (AGAIN), manic morning with work then AWOL teenager just after lunch, letting agents rang about leak in house that I rent out so plumber had to be called (AGAIN!!!!!), millions of phonecalls taken on mobile whilst desperately trying to look like my personal life does not interfere with my job, then had to leave early to have blood tests done and got pelted with hailstones on way out of QA hospital. Wonderful!! :-(

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i have two songs for just such an occasion, "Always look on the bright side of life" and "Don't worry be happy." Betcha if you started singing them a little grin will come ...even if just for a minute. :) A


That says it all Allanah,i quite agree with you.

Sarah, it sounds like a nice rest in bed with a cuppa and the tv. Its so crap at the moment,i don't think your alone at the moment, i think we are all feeling today like you are. You rest now and hopefully you will feel brighter tomorrow.

Love sylvi.xx


Had a good cry on the way home and now just feel ready for bed. Just your message Allanah a little grin came. Sylvi I intend on having a very early night and ending this extremely rubbish day. Just one of those days when it feels like everything is against you.

:-) x x


Hi sarah,

Have a good cry, then for me treat myself to something nice like some ice cream or chocolate. then i listen soe music, for me after a bad day the show must go on.Today a bad day but tomorrow is new day. My favourite line in a film is life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you re going to get. Hope you manage to get some sleep, hang in there, take care, Paula x


...and were all those problems resolved by the end of that awful day? Did the teenager turn up? Did the plumber fix his problem? I surely hope the hailstorm has passed. That really sounded like the last straw!! Like you say, tomorrow is a new day, hope it's much better for you, Loretxx


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