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bad day

hi all hope you are well today, im however not, lots of pain dispite taking my painkillers Naproxin feel realy run down and shatterd, keep feeling like im going to be sick, took the bull by the horns this morning and went food shopping, needs to be done my husband does a lot for me but shopping is his down fall, i know he eats the food but forgets what he has had, just wish i could be myself again i miss the old me, Becky xx

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Oh Becky, sorry to hear how you feel today - do you think it's something in the air - i feel so tired today, not in pain but everything aches, even my eye lids..

The effort it takes to do the shopping is so trying - I do my big shop on line most of the time, it saves the stress, the carrying and more often than not saves me money as I try really hard to plan in advance for meals, again reducing the stress a bit - every little counts.

Had to push myself today as had to have head CT for GCA (Giant Cell Artiritis), which is not resolving. Probably me being over cautious/sensitive, but they asked after the scan if I had a follow up booked soon?? I have, it's Friday, but then sensible head thinks of it is anything significant I will know before then. Anyway enough of my moans.

Try to get some rest, wheat bags on the bad pains, cup of tea, tv or music and time just for you, if you can - hope tomorrow is better and you get a good nights sleep.

Hazel xx


If there was something drastic on the screen you would not have been let home! It happened to my daughter a fair few years ago, went for a 'normal' scan, then next minute all hell broke loose and was having emergency surgery one of her fallopian tubes had burst.

Wish you luck for Friday.x


Hi there Beth

I empathize with you. It is a horrible disease. You tried having a nice bath before kids come from school. That some times helps me.

I am having a rotten day myself, but I'll be stuffed if this disease is gonna beat me.

Just been told I need to go to hospital to have my stomach examined with a scope. They think I have an ulcer now with the medication. So all my RA medication has been stopped again. Stopped it on Friday last week. So no relief over the weekend. How do they expect us to cope.

Thinking of you, sending you I hug.




My brain is numb Becky..... sorry wrote Beth :-(


Sorry to hear your having a bad day today, hope you feel better soon.xx


thank you all i have took your advice and put my wheat bags on the bad pains and had a very hot bath i looked like a lobster and no not the blue ones, i do feal better the pain has eased once again thank you all so much now im off to bed .


Hi Becky

do the shopping on line for homne delivery. All the major supermarkets offer this service. You can do it across the week - little at a time and add to the order as when you feel like up to about 12am of the day of delivery. I've taught my hubby to do it, and now it does all the food shopping on line for delivery saturday morning normally.

You should start to feel better once you start on a dmard, so hang in there!

Take care

Sci x


Becky looks like you had a bad day.

trouble is with us lot we have good days and bad ones like me ive had 2 good days realy cut the carpet up yesterday for new one then this morning ya dont feel up to anything

rest up a bit today

regards john


Hya, hope your feeling better to-day, is that all you take naproxin?, hav'nt they given you anything else to take with it, to help the pain ? x x x


nop just Naproxin i dont see anyone till October


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