Bad day. Almost

Yesterday I woke up to find I couldn't put one foot in front of another without pain. During the night I had awoken with terrible pain in my neck and I actually had to use my hands to lift my head but apart the headache the pain in the morning was from my lower back. I couldn't move or even bend without pain and had the family coming for sunday roast. I was on my knees in the kitchen trying to put a dish of chocolate pudding in the oven to bake and that was bad enough. I thougt I would have to ask my neighbour to help me with the joint though because it was so heavy. Anyway 2hrs after taking aniinflamms and paracetamol I was fine. I wonder if this was RA related or just some random problem. I thought if it was RA it wouldn't have gone away so soon. Has anybody else had this happen? Xxx

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Hi Treesha

Sorry you had such a bad time ;-(

In my opinion yes it is RA related - in fact that is the normal way things are for most. It is incredable how these little tablets make duch a difference! Sometimes arthritis makes you feel like something terrible must have happened and you must have broken a bone or something in that place, then a few hours later it is fine, as if it never happened! This is called the pre-joint damage phase and that is where you want to do whatever you can to aviod lasting damage happening.

I am 32 and have had arthritis since i was 13, unfortuantely when i was young the drugs weren't as good at stopping the desease in its tracks so i now have lots of joint damage and several joint replacements and fusions ;-(

Please don't be concered as the pains did go! However if you are still worried i find a call to my rhemy nurse or GP can re-assure.

Hope today is better for you?

Ella xx

PS. A lot of arthritis symptoms are bought on by stress! you may find that conciously or sub conciously you were anxious and stressed about cooking for so many people. Unfortunately your mind can play tricks on you and even though you are looking forward to lunch you can also be anxious about it!


Thanks ella I will keep taking antinflamms for a few more days. My neck is a bit achey today but my back seems ok (how odd). Andyes I was stressing about lunch I am a bit of a worrier. I had a very bad day in work last thursday and I only made the connection of stress and RA after your reply. When I got home on thurs I had a bath and slept all evening now I realise it was connected to my bad day! Thanks again and take care xx


I had something similar with my hands last week. Over course of evening two of my fingers went hot, red, swollen & completely stiff. Couldn't do a thing, and whole hand hurt. But took some anti-inflams, went to bed & next morning it was easier and totally gone by end of day. How odd is that! This is a weird disease at times.


Your absolutely right this is a weid disease. My only previous experience of it was excrutiating pain that lasted for months not hours but then again I wasn't taking any DMARDS then. Glad your fingers are better. Xxxx


Treesha i think the others are right - just part and parcel of ra. It gets into you and just as you get used to it disabling certain parts of your body . It moves to somewhere new.


Thanks Mads its nice to know people understand don't know what I would do without all of you. Hope your well! Xxxxx


Yes I agree with everyone else - I haven't had RA for that long yet but already know that I can wake up with one thing swollen and stiff and go to bed with another thing the same way and wake up to find it all entirely gone the next morning.

That said I haven't had anything like this for a while, since steroids followed by MTX - and think that anti inflams and painkillers are pretty good at helping if you don't take them regularly - which is why I've stopped taking my 3 a day now to save 'em up for a rainy day when and if it all kicks off again.

Stress and worry bring on all sorts of painful conditions - in the past I've had my only big gallstone flares when I've been extremely anxious so I'm sure the two are very much related. Tx


Hi Tilda yes stress is a very bad thing indeed some people refer to it as the silent killer and I think they may be right. I know what you mean about using your tabs only when your'e really bad. Glad your'e ok just now. take care xxxx


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