Busy saturday

Busy saturday

I am feeling quite good in myself,can't say the same for my aches and pains. This morning i went to bedworth to get some shopping that i forgot yesterday. I then headed back to bulkington and as it was the farmers market so i carried on up to the village. I got some more mint for my collection. Most of the stalls were inside and i couldn't get my big scooter in there so i had to walk. Then i came home and grace unpacked the shopping for me. I sat and had a rest while grace got ready to go to work. Then my next door neighbour called round and offered to take me to the garden centre. This we do 2/3 times a year. I couldn't take my scooter there either,so i walked. She pushed the barrow round. I could spend a fortune there. It is a very big place,not flashy,just good qualatity plants on shelves. I came away with a red gooseberry,sprouts,lobielia, and loads more. £26 poorer now,but well worth it as i hopefully have a lot of flowers in my garden.

Down side to all this walking about is my bad knee is very swollen and yes very sore too. I am sitting down now and i am resting and i know i won't be able to do much more now.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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  • Sylvie, I am intriqued by your container garden, especially that big pink one, that is unusual, what do you have growing in it?

    I went to a garden center weds, looking for primrose, couldn't keep looking, as I stumbled upon the Herb Garden! Bought a Basil plant, some Lemon Tyme, french Thyme and Mother of time, which I use for my rock garden.

    You know, I planted that rock garden years ago, and none of them have grown an inch!! :D !!

  • The big one had thyme and another one i can't remember. The other is filled with sweet williams which i grew from seed. I've started a little herb garden near my back door. It is in a container holding six pots. I also have amassed a few different types of mint. Today at the farmers market i got a grapefruit mint so i have to put that in a bigger pot as well. Mint plants i have are,1, apple. 2, morrocan,3,pineapple,4, swiss,5,chocolate,6, black pepper, and i have chives in pots as well. The chives grow down the allotment like crazy.

    My conservatory is being used as a greenhouse at the moment. I've got geraniums growing from seed and sunflowers as well.

    Love sylvia. xx

  • Oh Sylvie, your herb collection sounds wonderful! Like you, I grow my own herbs and I enjoy trying all the different varieties. I am very lucky because the National Herb Centre is only about 4 miles from where we live in Banbury. They have everything, as well as a nice cafe and display gardens for different themes.


  • Carole, Your not that far away from me. I live in bulkington the other side of coventry. I love my different types of mint. My hubby who has just gone to work doesn't know where i'm going to put all the plants that i have grown/brought in the garden. He says that every year and i still am able to get them all in.

    Mind you i am paying for yesterday. I was downstairs at 4 a.m. this morning and my knee last night was very swollen and boy was it sore. Today i will have to be careful what i do,mustn't go crazy in the garden. I tend to do that and i always suffer afterwards. Today if i do anything i will take it slowly and rest a bit etc;


  • I didn't know that there is a chocolate type of mint - does it taste like an after eight? Also what does a swiss mint look like. It's great that you have such a lovely hobby. We have just moved so we are starting from scratch in our 'garden'. It was pasture land which had cows on it when we first started the renovation. I say WE but maybe I should be truthful and say my OH although I do most of the gardening excluding the heavy digging over.. Enjoy your sunday. Wendy x

  • Wendy, the mints i've got look just like any other mint, its just the colour and texture thats a slightly bit different. They smell different too.

    Your going to have fun doing your garden from scratch. Pity you don't live closer to me as you could have had some cuttings to put in water and grow on your own.


  • Sylvi, I once had a much bigger plot of land, at my former home, and I was as crazy about herbs as you. I had a chocolate mint, Apple mint, Pineapple mint, Orange mint, but never saw a grapefruit mint.

    I also learned that mints are best planted in pots, as they will grow crazy and take over the garden!! But so delightful! I experimented with making the flavored teas with the various mints. Didn't think the Chocolate mint had much flavor.

    So now, I am concentrating on growing the herbs to cook with. There is Tarragon, Oregano, Marjorum, Rosemary, Sage (gorgeous plant!) and 3 kinds of Thyme, and Basil . I once had a Bay Laurel, but can't find one now, it was the little tree with Bay Leaves.

    Supposed to be very warm today, but then 20 degrees colder on Tues. So, I'm on my way to the Herb bed, to trim out anything dried from Winter. The Oregano is way too big, it spreads too much, think I will dig up about half of it. Can't find anybody to give it to! Want some? If you don't use it all, it has lovely lavender and purple flowers, looks nice in an arrangement of cut flowers to take indoors. Smells wonderful too! Have fun! Lorretxxx

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