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My disability rights at work

I've been off work since 21 March (have blog), and have seen my GP regularly, who has been very supportive of bullying issue I've encountered. I had a meeting from a manager from another region this week, and it was disclosed to me that the team I work for has relocated to another office on the second floor, no disabled access. I have been assured that I can work on my own on the ground floor, just me! I hope they're not expecting me to join in with 'team meetings!' I don't have access to any files, of course, that would warrant ringing upstairs. I feel as if every bucket of s***e has been beaten out of me by employer. I welcome advice from anyone: I've already taken photographs, kept records from Access to Work etc (they had recommendations from October last year, but got nothing).

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that is appalling i have been off a similar time.. called to see manager bout phased return today.. last time i wenr in she knew I was coming in and didnt bother to come and see me!. some of the staff stuck their noses in the air and blanked me!! others spoke.. think going back will be a bundle of laughs, been of since beginning of march had to come of methotrexate .. had a bad flare,, had an endoscopy nad a womb biopsy all in the time off, hardly a holiday.. couldnt get upstairs for almost a week til steroids kicked in not long started new treatment or rather a very old treatment gold injections.. was bullied by several staff before going of sick.. I might actually speak to HR one member of staff actually accused me of having nothing wrong with me!.


they arent making any concessions for you under the disabilty act.. they went / go through the motions for me it seems spiteful.. contact your union?. or citizens advice?.. is your employer a large company or body?, or some small company?


My employer is Nacro. I intend to make a big stink soon,


Discrimination - when you look at the realities, most of it against the disabled is just giving it lip service. smoothing over the cracks in our society when really people actually don't give a damn, but make it look like they do. Andrea. if you have the energy give them s***e back you do it! It's bloody (language Timothy!) laughable really because you work with disadvantaged people??? Errrr... then your employers plonk you - on your own - because you are disadvantaged?

Oh I wish my dad was here - a big big union man. I know the unions got some stick over the years, but no-one seems to remember the good things they did. It's always been a fight to get equality, whether disability race or gender get in the way.

Sorry Rant over. I wish you all the very best in trying to get some justice Andrea. This just plainly and simply is discrimnation totally unfair!

best of luck

Julie xx


Sorry, this isn't an answer or anything constructive really. It just incensed me so, especially considering who you work for. Julie x


yes I looked who you worked for their attitude is laughable.. there slogan.. v bodly claims to help ("disadvantaged people")


Hi Andrea, I'm sorry I can't give you and advice on this I wish I could. I just wanted to say that I'm outraged at the way in which you are bring treated your have enough to put up with concerning your RA.Have your mentioned it to your consultant though as they may be able to offer some sort of help if only to point you in the right direction.

Good luck to you and hope someone on here can give you the advice you need, please keep us posted as you may be able to help others in the future.

Good luck

mand xx


This is something I really can't let go of, and I'm actually a really easy going 'lazy' personality, because I don't like any confrontation whatsoever. I feel like I can't let this one go at all: not just for myself. I guessed that when I was interviewed about bullying earlier this week that is was just lip service, but it took on a whole new dimension when I saw where I was expected to work. I've been off for a while - 6 weeks, and I'll be off for another 3, but was told, "you'll be working from here". Took digital camera in & started taking pictures of the stairs, loo, access to outside, my future working corner (but I won't have access to any files unless I work upstairs!). The sad thing is that sympathetic staff don't see anything wrong with it: "Ah well, they're just looking after you". Bastards, pardon my language.


This is shocking but in my experience not unusual. NACRO should know better though. I would talk to my union rep, but also try to build awareness of your rights within the organisation - though why should you have to do this?! I worked in university research and was in a small team with two (so-called feminist) researchers who really gave me a hard time, insisting that I travel a long way to meetings, rarely prepared to meet me half way, and trying to guilt-trip me. After that I tried to do projects on my own, so I could hire in support, which worked quite well. But I was close enough to retirement to take that leap.

Good luck with this. I hope you can find some allies as I'm sure the stress wont be helping your aches. Keep talking to us!



well done you.. i dont like confrontation either.. and bullies always chose whom they seem to be the most vulnerable.. you go for it¬¬!!



sorry i am bring this all back up again but did you have any good outcome in this. I am having similar problems but with just one person and she is making my life a bloody misery. I am always so so confused when i am talking to her. i was off today sick and she emailed me 5 times the last one was are you coming in tomorrow not once did she ask me how i was. (not that that really worried me but ....)


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