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Had a call back yesterday. Just needed a rant.

I work at a hospital in the town centre so parking is a nightmare. I have always been allowed to park in the car park at work with my blue badge.  This has now temporarily closed due to re development. 

I returned to work this week after 12 weeks off. A lot better but mobility not as good as it can be yet.

Well got a call from access to work to say they cannot help with taxis. ( Occy health suggested this ) due to me being a driver. I am expected to go to the municiple car park. If spaces and pay £ 30 a week. On my part time wage it would be not worth going.

It really annoys me, I have never asked for anything or receive any benefits. Started work as a pre nursing student at 16, had to leave the job I loved due to this disease.  Now work on lower band and part time.

It really makes me mad sometimes.

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  • That terrible its time the hospital s got there parking sorted you should not have to pay you don't go for the fun of it 

  • Thanks  Junechurch.  They are going to try and get me a place when our new build is complete.  It's just the interim. 

  • The nhs are notorious for how bad they treat their staff. Your only as good as long as you turn up and are well. I am sorry your being treated like this. Hugs.xxxx

  • Thanks Syvli. Don't want special treatment or be different. Just want help during a not so good time.

    I wil get better just feeling annoyed at another hurdle to jump.

  • It might help to look at this another way, moomie... Remember, it is THEIR responsibility to make 'reasonable adjustments' to enable you to work.

    If you need disabled parking to get to work, you need disabled parking to get to work. Their renovations don't change your need! Presumably, since your employer provides parking, your disability is already declared and recognised, and this is already recorded as an agreed 'reasonable adjustment'...? So, they are now/currently unable to make the reasonable adjustment they agreed to make. I'd suggest you write to them saying something like the following:

    "Dear employer,

    You have been providing me with a disabled parking space at X which enables me, as a disabled employee, to come to work in that building. This was agreed as a 'reasonable adjustment' as defined by the Equality Act 2010. I have recently been informed that during the renovation work at X, you are unable to make this agreed adjustment. 

    Please can we discuss, as a matter of urgency, what other adjustments you might be able to make, to enable me to come to work during the renovations. [Insert suggestions here if you have any, moomie]. I am concerned that without such reasonable adjustments, it will not be possible for me to work until the renovations are complete.

    Yours, moomie"

    You might already have ideas for what would help. My list includes:

    - Your employer agreeing to pay taxi fares while the building work goes on;

    - You working different hours if that would make nearby on-street parking possible;

    - You working at home or at another site until the renovations are complete;

    - A paid break as soon as you arrive at work, if you can physically manage the walk so long as you have time to recover afterwards;

    - You staying off work until the renovations are complete.

    I am not an employment specialist, but I strongly recommend you get advice from your Union or some other specialist, if you can. I think all of these would probably be seen, by an employment tribunal if not your managers, as 'reasonable adjustments' - particularly since they are temporary not permanent. 

    I know/guess you won't want to 'make a fuss', especially since you are only just back at work, but I suggest you *don't* just 'struggle on', as you are probably inclined to do, because this may well be seen as proof that you actually no longer need any adjustments to enable you to work. You might lose your parking space permanently if you show you can manage without it. It might even make it more difficult to negotiate other adjustments.

    What a faff! Sometimes it all feels like such a struggle, doesn't it!

  • Totally agree with flow4  , do make sure you don't just manage and yes you can join a union immediately and mine was amazing! Good luck 

  • Yes I agree Allanah.

    Definitely taking flows advice. I am in a union and may have to speak to them. They are good and say hello as they pass. Had some issues with a work colleague they are monitoring. Not just me though.


  • Flow thank you so much. That is a brilliant template. I am going to write the letter for Monday. My manager is trying to help. I think I will write the letter show her and submit it to HR jointly.

    You have made me feel more optimistic.

    Thank you so much.

    Moomie 😀

  • I'm so glad!

  • Flow

    I have submitted an e-mail to HR on Monday. I did use your excellent template. No response as yet. In today at 4pm so will hassle them again.

    Thanks again will write more later.

    Getting really tired a d falling asleep as soon as I get home x

  • Fingers crossed for you!

  • The person I have to speak to in HR is off until next week. I spoke to the head of our dept on tuesday. She said I need to speak to them and let them know if I am struggling, that is positive. Also if I need reduced hours next week to speak to my manager. 

    Had a physio appointment straight after he said I need to slow down a bit and pace myself more. Plus the stupid ankle is still bothersome from falling. He thinks maybe a fracture there in the 5 th metatarsal.  Anyway I have asked for reduced hours next week. Not got an extra day off which helps but 4 hours less.

    Thanks again for your help and everyone prompting me to get on top of the situation. 

    I hope you are doing ok and good luck with your upcoming appointment.  X

  • Just had a reply from HR. They are unaware of any scheme to help me . No mention of hospital parking. Said contact my manager for reasonable adjustments. 

    Sent a reply back stating I have already done that.

    Will HR be supporting disabled staff to park when work complete ? 

    The fact that it was a head of HR who supported and provided me with a car parking space back in 1990.

    Grrr I am so mad again. Got to go in now. Day after mtx and feel rubbish. 

    Hope you are keeping well.

  • Oh what a pain! :( Are you in a union, moomie? Sounds like you could use some support...

  • Moo is,

    That sounds ridiculous.Mind you hospital parking in my area has always been a nightmare whether you are staff,visitors and even patients.

    I think flow 4 has summed it up nicely - this should be a reasonable adjustment,and let's face it it's not a lot to ask.

    Good luck and hope you get that rule overturned soon.



  • Thank you. Yes flow has given excellent advice which I am going to produce on Monday.

    It feels like you are asking for the earth. Instead of just being able to go to work to do your job.

    Thank you 

  • It does sometimes, yes. A lot depends on their reaction, too. I'm in a similar position to you (not a hospital, but a town centre workplace and blue badge parking agreed). Last year, my manager asked me to 'just explain again' why I needed it, because she had to 'write a business case'... It made me feel like I had to prove I was disabled *enough* for these 'special' arrangements. This year, I have a new manager, who emailed the parking office simply saying "Please extend flow's disabled parking arrangement because she needs it" and it was sorted in 10 minutes! :) I hope you get a positive response too!

  • Pleased you have been sorted. It is wrong you have always  got to prove yourself when you really do not want to be in that situation. 

    I will see what Monday brings and keep you posted.

    Thanks again

  • Yes I know what you mean.As if life isn't difficult enough fir folks like us anyway,you try your best to live life as normal as possible and just do what is expected of you and somebody just wants to hinder you.

    Good luck and I will keep fingers crossed for you.



  • Thank you x

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