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I was refused my DLA claim, first time claim. I was diagnosed 12 months ago with RA, and prescribed MTRXate. Some days are good, some are bad but I soldier on and go to work (desk job) as still have bills to pay. Was looking earlier and people recommend appealing against decision, but just how bad do you have to be to be awarded DLA? Can anyone advise please?

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Yes appeal , I call it a game they play. They want you to say well I can't get any help so I will just have to tough it out. If you appeal they know you mean business. I suffered with my legs and back for so long I could not walk from one room to another. After I found my lawyer it was 4 months and I was passed for disability . You have to have a disability lawyer. . Mine only charged me 500.00 and it was well worth it. The longer they take the more money you get back. Each state has their own rules so check that out too.If you need any help with a lawyer I have a good one. Wish you luck. The lawyer does not charge unless you win.



Good advice but I don't think this applies to the uk


Hi Shoebox YES appeal, the chances of getting care are remote as you can work therefore it's assumed you don't need care during the day and can manage meals, unless you can prove otherwise I'd give up on that part of DLA. However, if you have significant difficulty with mobility there's a good chance of being awarded the mobility component, which comes in three parts high, middle and low.

In order to get the mobility component you need to prove and have evidence you have substantial difficulty with mobility, this can be because of severe pain and having to make frequent rest stops.

It's to late now but first thing Tuesday morning make an appointment with your local CAB or another welfare rights organisation, then contact DWP inform them of your intention to appeal the decision and request a GL24 appeal form.

Contact your consultants and inform him/her of your intentions and request a letter of support (i,e, diagnosis/prognosis and how the condition affects your daily life), also get a letter supporting your claim from anyone else who's involved in your care, even occ health department or manager if they've made any addaptions at work to help you.

Also, there's lots of useful free information on the benefits and work website I'd advise you have a read through that before filling in any appeal forms. I've added the link for you.

Good luck and do appeal, you've got nothing to loose and lots to gain.

Beth xx


hi shoebox

i have had RA for 4 years now i also have gout in my feet and OA in bottom of my back, i have been refused DLA i have now got to go to apeal court will be in next few months, i have been un able to work for the last 4 years every day i wake up in pain cant do simple every day things, like me u should fight for DLA i will be going to court on my own as i cant afford a lawyer, see sanjo has commented saying they had a good lawyer, i wouldnt know how or where to get a lewyer and the cost would scare the life out of me less u dont have to pay less u win, wish u all the luck in getting DLA and if anyone can give me advice please do.



The thing you have to remember is to fill in the forms as if it is your worst day , even if your not too bad on the day you are filling it in. Always get help filling it in I always go to CAB they know how to put things that will give you a positive result, I get high rate mobility and middle rate care my wife gets carers allowence. Good luck in reapplying.



I think Beth has answered as I would. I was refused also but appealed and was told I would have to go to tribunal, but I then contacted welfare rights and they took over, I even got a higher rate than I expected. Find your local council online and the contact number for your welfare rights should be there. Good luck x


Appeal .. there are only two rates of mobility , low and high . The low rate is generally for people with mental health difficulties and learning difficulties.The High rate states you have to be unable to walk or virtually unable to walk , but as Beth states this can include having to stop due to pain exhaustion etc.

It is possible to get care rate even if you are working , although it is most likely going to be the lower rate (cannot prepare and cook a meal from fresh ingredients).

Definitely seek help from an advice centre , but in the mean time the best basic booklet for appealling dla can be found here :

Rich :)


Thank you all for your responses. I am due back to see Rhumy in May, so I will request another application pack and re-apply, will ask if ok to put doctor for information. :-)


Hi shoebox, just joining in late. I just got DLA and would have filled in the forms not really knowing what to say without the help of CAB. I would definatly appeal and get help with the appeal, good luck. Axx ()


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