I was turned down for DLA last year and again after I appealed.

My RA has got worse not only does it affect my feet but now my hips and shoulders.

Can I apply again?

I don't think I laid it on last time more out of lack of knowledge and not wanting to seem needy.

Would appreciate any advice on how to go about getting DLA

Regards Tom

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  • Keep applying, and make sure you tell them how you are on your worse days. Give as much detail about how effects you on a daily basis. Hope this helps a little. I was awarded it on my 2nd attempt but have to re apply again this November as changes I it becoming pip instead of dla


  • Hi Jo

    Thanks for your advice, forgive me for asking but how long have you had RA and how bad does it affect you?

    Did you have any GP and Rheumy support?

    Sorry for all the questions :)


  • That's ok, I had RA since end of 2010 although not diagnosed properly till 2012. I have lot of support from my gp and rhuemy is good. Mine effects a lot of my joints. My hands are bad and cannot do a lot of things anymore with them I use daytime splints and special splints at night. My legs are bad, knees and heels especially means that can't walk at all without pain and standing for to long is really painful to. Use a walking stick all the time. In a lot of strong painkillers. Am currently on a few months into having biological but not helping me much as of yet.

  • Hi Tom, Keep appealling get all your appointments together either your GP's or Hospital apps consultants names, Put down what help you need when you are going through a bad time you dont have good days now and how you cannot use walking aids because of the pain in your joints, like most of us we dont have to lay it on just be more assertive with your answers.Matt

  • Thank you Matt!

    When I first applied I think I was in denial of my condition and maybe to proud. Typical man!

  • Thank you!

    I was diagnosed last year and it affected me so much that I was medically retired from work. I was on MTX but taken off about 7wks ago because of a rash that wouldn't go away.

    My GP thinks the mtx hasn't worked for me?

    I see my rheumy on Friday to see whats the next step regards meds.

    I`m having a steroid injection tomorrow in my shoulders, the pain has been so bad to the point I cant pick up the kettle for a cuppa or sleep brush my teeth or hair without pain.

    I live alone so all the normal everyday things are difficult to do,sorry for the moan but its so frustrating!

    Thanks for replying and listening!


  • Hi flanners

    NRAS have a really good booklet on applying for PIP, which has replaced DLA. They also have a helplone, you can ring and get advice. C A B can also help, and if you have a welfare rights worker in your area, they are experts in filling these awful forms in!

    What you need to remember is to fill it in truthfully, but describing. your problems ON THE WORST DAY. No thinking well I could do that, but forgetting that would leave you shattered for days. Don't forget the awful fatigue. Make sure your gp, consultant etc are geared up. Mention everyone you've seen, physios, occupational therapists, podiatrists etc. It goes against the grain, but you have to emphasise what you can't do, rather than in real life you need to be optimistic!

    Last of all, keep a copy of your application, you could be asked about answers you have given.

    Go on, ask for a form today, any award is backdated to the date of application. Good luck!!! M x

  • Hello

    You need to be honest and blunt,make lists of what is effected and how it is affected, explain your mobility and how you conclude tasks in your home.

    What you are like in the morning, how long it takes to get yourself going and times to complete tasks are useful as well

    Are you suffering depression, is your GP treating you for this type of disorder, list all the medications you take,

    Are you suffering from being tired during the day,what tasks can or cannot do.

    Ask to see an Occupational Therapist who will advice you on your activity levels and what kind of aids will help you in living in your home. Also if you need to go back to work adaptions will need to be done so as to allow you to fulfil your employment Contract.

    One thing you can do is have words with CAB they will assist in the filling of forms,they can explain salient points regarding illness and what you need to do to fulfill lifes goals and activities.

    Good Luck


  • Thank you all for your great advice I think I`ll get another form and get help to fill it in.

    Thank you everybody this site has been a godsend!


  • Tom, have a look at the Benefits & Work website, some info is free otherwise an annual membership is about £18 but well worth it imo.

  • Thank you I`m looking at all avenues, cheers!

  • i booked in with cab ..citizen advice bureau...and they filled the forms in for me and sent them and gave me copies they were very helpful and i would recommend them for pip ....hope this helps

  • Thank you! It is a avenue I`ll be looking into.

    Regards Tom

  • Good luck Tom , hope you get it this time round !i can't really add to the excellent advice given above . I've now got high rate mobility and low rate care it's a nightmare time filling out the forms & waiting but worth while in the end . I had to give up work 10 months ago been diagnosed 18 months ago mtx didn't work for me so now trying leflunomide but it's sent my blood pressure soaring . Just answer the questions has it is on your very worst days , I know we all have these awful flares and things really differ day to day , sending you a hug I'm lucky to have family for support & comfort and a moan so really feel for you . let us know the outcome , Regards. Teresa

  • What a lovely reply thank you!

    Had a little tear if I`m honest, this horrible disease has turn my world upside down.

    I felt I was almost begging when I last applied for DLA I only applied because I was advised to and then I get turned down.

    The response to my post has been heart warming and I thank all who replied. It has given me the strength to fight the fight again!


  • Aww stay positive Tom . Hope your pain can be controlled & life allittle easier. This forum has been a godsend for many . I've been Really uplifted by others stories and help & support of people who can relate to what your going through .chin up mate x

  • Hi Flanners

    Get some help filling lo your next form. You need to write how you are on your worst day. The things you you cannot do

    Also any help you need to have in order to live a daily life.

    Cooking, dressing , shopping and daily living activity.

    Most cab services can help you complete your form or a Social Worker.

    Good luck.

    There are a lot of drugs out there to trial with the support of your rheumy and your GP.

    Please let us know how you get on with your treatment and DLA application.

    Don't give up. Help is here and out there.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you! it is nice to know there are folk on here who understand and are very supportive.

  • Hi Flanners, don't give up keep at them that's what they hope for that you wont bother, yet they give money to those who don't want to work and freely admit that fact .... Grrrrrrrrrr this makes me mad you work you pay in you get sweet FA, you never work you get housed you get benefits free dental care free meds who are they mad ones us lol. keep on knocking till they open that door xxxxxxx do us proud flanners get what your entitled to.xx good luck

  • thanks for your reply and I`ll be knocking at the door for sure!

  • Now I've managed to get DLA I'm worried it will be taken away when they make me reapply for PIP . So I may be back to square one like you & many others , crazy system when genuine people are refused this benefit . Let us know how you get on .

  • Go to the C A B they have advisorers who can fill out all your forms and advise you every step of way good luck

  • Just to say I've had RA for 15yrs now have yes it is such a lot to take on board but u will slowly get there in end and the answer I can give you a dead cert on is no two days are the same good luck with your claim x

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