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i am so worried about all these changes to dla i did not ask to become ill and i have to claim again at the beginning of the year i am so stressed out about it its untrue my hubby said why u worrying i said cause its the only money i have to help me get around and out the house without this i would be housebound i could go on all night suppose everybody feels the same way thanks for listening guys and sum advice and feedback would be brill ords xxxx

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hello Ords it is really worrying with all these cuts and as you say the dla is so helpful just for making life a little easier.

The positive thing is there are so many groups fighting and petitioning on our behalf to make sure that people with chronic illnesses like ra are not left out and another thing is that ra has recently been recognised as a disability which should help ensure that ra sufferers are not targeted.

Furthermore this government has changed its mind a number of times on issues they were adamant they were going to bring into force so they could do so on this one as well.

Most importantly though is there is no reason to think that you are the person that will be targeted, you have an illness, you use the dla for the correct reasons, you are entitled to it - keep believing that and let them dare even think of taking it away from you......

And remember if the worst does happen there is the CAB, the Rheumatology team, your GP, NRAS loads of organisations that are there to help you reapply.


They are very tough.. my gp told me to apply and not be proud as I was entitled to it.. I applied and was turned down.. the gp told me I was entitled to it but warned me they are being very tough and to try not to be disappointed!

it is possible to reapply/ or go for a truibunal.. its bad enough fulling the form in, my hands are v painful, got some one to fill the form for me because of this!


Hi Ords, try not to worry at present. Things could easily change with DLA. The Disability Rights and Patient Organisations are all telling the Government these changes are not a good idea for those of us who need the DLA to help.

If you have to re apply go to your local CAB for assistance. If turned down for DLA, you must ask for their reasons which they have to give you, you then have 28 days to appeal and as a last resort, you can go to a Tribunal. The Tribunals have been doing a very good job in letting DLA claims go through and overturning the jobsworths in the local DWP. If your circumstances change, i.e. you take a turn for the worst, you can ask them to look at the decision again.

(When I get a moment, I will do a blog about DLA in detail.).

Also bear in mind,that the higher mobility rate of DLA, entitles you to a Blue Badge for the car as well.

LavendarLady x


Just an add on to Lavendarladys reply; it may be worth noting that you are able to apply for a blue badge without being in receipt od DLA. I keep getting turned down for DLA which my Dr is up in arms about ( a whole other story!) but she told me to contact the local authority and get an application form for a blue badge. There is a section that you complete if you are not getting DLA, the LA will then write to the Dr and get them to second sign the form to confirm your condition. ( there is a charge for this but the LA social services pay this) I got a blue badge within three weeks and it has transformed my life. Hope this helps.

Lavendar lady is it you that works for CAB or similar, I've had so many problems with my DLA application and have been turned down twice so it would be good to be able to ask you a few questions. Many thanks Mel


Hi mel. Yes I do work for CAB - 2 days a week. Any questions you have, just ask. Use either a blog or message me. lavendarLady x


thank you so much for all your kind comments it helps when someone understands thanks guys lots of hugs and love xxxxxxxxxx


If I appeal on dla .. will contact Lavender..

I actually had similar experince to mel.. ie turned down for Dla but 4 days ago got my blue badge.. I was so excited to get it.. I dont abuse it.. I had already been given a staff disabled permit for work.. we monthly fee to park at the hospital from our wages!.. as the occupational nurse wrote letter to parking manager saying I needed to park close to my place of work..walking any distance is difficult.. still go to pay for the monthly permit.. but the save the 70 pence daily top up parking fee.


hello ladies, i've got dla,blue badge and essa. I'm unable to work due ra and fibro. Appeal to tribunal. You can get help from any professional person who knows what they are doing. Also get drs to supply evidence to dla to back up any claim you make. I had to appeal to get essa,got dial to help, they got someone on my case, i sent all paperwork and they took care of it. I got it last sept. thank goodness, i couldn't work now anyway. I am worried about the changes to come too.

Best wishes, sylvia.xx


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