Whoopie, i have got my date,17th may. I rang up the hospital this afternoon. The lady was very nice and helpful. I have told her i would take a cancellation if one comes up.

I am soooo relieved to know things are happening. I can start to get things organised. I already have most of my case ready. Thats a load of my shoulders.

Sylvi. xx

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  • Nice one Sylvi, I'm really pleased for you. Do you know how long you'll have to stay in hospital?

  • No i don't know how long i'll be in. I will probally be about 4-5days depending on how the op goes.

    Sylvi. xx

  • Well you must be very relieved. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your speedy recovery. x

  • Lots of luck with your op sylvi,

    Hope it goes well when it happens, sending you a gentle hug and prayers that all goes well for you, hang in there. x

  • Thank you ladies. xx

  • That's great that you have a date at last Sylvi - it makes such a difference to be able to plan for it doesn't it? TTx

  • Thats great Sylvie, at long last you know when. Much easier to plan around a date.


  • I am sending you lots amd lots of warm hugs down the computer - let us know how you get on and take care


  • Oh fab, that is such good news. at least you can get sorted now


  • really pleased for you my dear. Hope it works for you. xx



  • Yes, you're nearly there now and end is in sight. Yippee! Especially nice as you should be back on your feet for the summer. Polly

  • WOW that's excellent Sylvi ... Xx

  • Thanks ladies,i can't wait.


  • Soooooooooo glad to hear your good news. (Guess you will be marking the days off of the calendar).

    Did you get your pain meds. sorted with your GP, I do hope so, it will make the waiting easier for you.

  • Good to know where you are now, you can make plans. XxxT

  • Yes. i've got an increase in my amytrptaline and he has given me tramadol to add to the mix. Oh yes i have put the date in my journal that i keep to say how i'm feeling each day.

    sylvi. xx

  • Pleased you have a date thinking of you x

  • Thank you,it has been a long time coming and i'm hoping that it will sort me out.


  • Hey Sylvi great news, you sound so much better - i am excited for you - imagine being delighted at an impending operation.

  • Its awful isn't it getting excited over having an operation,must be a sign i'm getting old!!

  • Hi Sylvi

    Just got back from a few days away with family - first since being diagnosed with ra.

    Well done for getting a date, that must be a load of your mind. I am so pleased for you.

    Joanne x

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