Any experience with Occupational Health?

I have an appointment with a company that is providing my employer with Occupational health advice.

Now I have been given an appointment and it is quite far from where I work and live. About 1hr 15min by car.

Work is arranging transport to and from.

But why? Why is this person not coming to see me in my place of work?

How can there be any sound advice coming from that person regarding my health in the work place?

I have never been down this road before and don't know what to expect.

Any advice or insight into this will be highly appreciated.


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  • Hi spring 2017

    I had an appointment like this recently and it was about an hour's drive didn't provide transportation for me though.

    I was extremely anxious about it but it went brilliantly. My HR had given him details of my duties which were accurate I let him know about the stress I felt in the job as they didn't mention that and it's very target driven. I had wanted to return to work part time so he was assessing my ability to a) return to work at all and b) my request to start back part time only. He knew more about RA than my GP...a lot of times occupational therapists are or were GPS apparently. I had wanted to maybe do a three day week and he said he wasn't happy to recommend me sitting at a desk for 8 hours and suggested 5 4 hour days only which I was more than happy with. He wrote to my employers saying I had to be free to leave my desk every hour, work no more than 4 hours a day and to exempt me from evening shift work and they were to consult with me before moving me up to 6 hours after approx one month and then to 8 when I was agreeable and I didn't need to consult with him again unless I had any issues about how HR managed this time scale. He talked about an ergonomic desk, chair, keyboard etc and said I could request these but recognised it was standard in our company so he felt there was no need to to a 'workplace assessment' for me. I described the office and he knew it complies with disability laws...access to lifts etc. After discussion with you they may need to visit your workplace depending on how the discussion goes.

    My work agreed to all his requests and I'm delighted to be going back to work tomorrow.

    They are very aware of the law re making reasonable accommodations to enable you to return to work and so you should find that they are on your side.

    Best of luck

    Sharon 🌸

  • Best of luck for tomorrow Sharon !

  • Thanks Marie ...nervous but excited 😄

  • I know what you mean. Just remember to pace yourself and don't be railroaded into falling back to the same work load etc. It's the key to longevity , I feel.


  • Good luck!


  • Thanks . Just home now... exhausted!!

    Just to let you know even though my occupational health guy was happy with my work environment from what I told him he still scheduled a work place assesment for health and safety which is due to take place later this week. Hopefully​ l get a new chair out if it ! I imagine once you've had your first meeting other assesments will follow for you too. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

    Sharon 🌸

  • Thank you for this great insight.

    I'm having my fingers crossed for the same experience.

    I'll let you all know once I know more.

  • I worked for a government some years ago. During that time I and a colleague were bullied. This took its toll and I went off sick, I was sent to occupational health and they just asked me how I was, did I need any more support etc. As this was a long time ago I do not know if it's the same but the purpose is to help and support you. The fact that transport is being arranged by your employer shows that they are a caring company who put the wellbeing of their employees as high priority. This sounds very beneficial to me 😊😊

  • can you not get them to see you nearer ur home.I had dysphagia in March and had 13 days in hosp I still can't eat lots food I have psin in my throat and a swelling in my neck that comes and goes I'm forever choking on sofa foods now I find out 3 Dr's have put the pain in my neck to arthritus I'm so annoyed as it's not iv took pics of the swelling in my neck.iv had camera up my nose which hire when it touch my throat and camera into my tummy .I saw salts team said my swallowing is fine but 16 wks later I'm still not eating solids food my dr thinks it's in my head I went hosp in ambulance choking after 4 hrs I'm told I can go home iv phoned to see my dr so many times I get told if it's that bad go a and e what's wrong with these people I psid a stamp all my life I'm fed up I'm on build up drinks after loosing over 2 stone I'm very annoyed I cough and chope all time. I had a app in London I phoned said can't get there in the end I gothink app 5 mins to where I live

  • Wow! Margarete I hope you get some help for that.

    It must be an absolute nightmare.

    Let's know how it goes.

    I would cross my fingers by wont as I'll pay for that later. 😉

  • I had a very positive experience with OT a few years ago. He knew about RA and appeared to be on my side. We discussed my job (I was a primary teacher) and the things I found most difficult. These were teaching PE and doing playground duty. We discussed other things like wring on the whiteboard and excessive writing. His report to the head teacher said that I shouldn't do PE and playground duty, and that he would see me again if things got worse. The school followed his advice, although I did teach PE and do playground on very rare occasions when the was staff absence.

  • Thank you. I hope you are still going strong and know I totally take my hat off to teachers. You do amazing work every day and have my full support.

  • I actually had to retire a term earlier than my 60th birthday but a year and a term earlier than I wanted to due the stress of a bad Ofsted, and threat of more inspections during the next year. In the end I decided that enough was enough. I taught for nearly 40 years but it nearly got the better of me - the work and stress were never ending! Surprisingly my health isn't any better since I retired but I do things at my own pace now.

  • I have just gone back to work after 5 months. I can barely move but am on no treatment because I don't qualify for biologics but am allergic to dmards. I was sent to occ health consultant by work. He has been absolutely brilliant. He has been a real rock whilst the NHS have deserted me. Without him I would probably have not got through the worst bits. He has constantly reminded my employers of their duties under the disability act and negotiated with my employer on my behalf around work I can do. He has also tried to intervene with the hospital who I am utterly appalled by

  • Oh, gosh.

    I hope you will get help soon with medication.

    I can tell that there is a huge difference for now after starting my steroids and the weather is nicer. ( might be in my head... naaaa.)

    What was the biggest issue with your employer?

    I have applied for reduced hrs and working from home so hope to be granted some if not the full request.

    But for now there has been no discussion as to where we can meet in the middle.

    Any advice or knowledge you might have after your return I would love to hear it.

    Like how much are you working now?

    Were you offered different tasks at work?

    Good luck going forward.


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