Fighting with ivy

Didnt sleep too well last night. So for some reason I have started trying to get rid of the ivy which is threatening to envelope my extension. It lucks like sleeping beauty's castle but in the absence of a prince looks like its over to me to hack my way through it RA permitting. I am going to be on my own today so after lunch I am going to have a rest upstairs. Been digging out my holiday gear which looks like a diary of my weight because of all the different sizes from 14 to 20 lol. Anyway lovelly bloggers hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

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  • have some ivy round my garden shed its very destructive and has started to grow in side forcing its way in have snipped it off hace great hol.. renind me were are you going dont forget your sun cream. block . hat etc lol x

    just off quick kip fatigue bad at moment x

  • Hi Sharon

    Ivy is a pain although it is beautiful. Don't forget to pace yourself. You don't want to tire yourself out for your holiday. Where are you going?

  • Yes I am trying to pace myself and not do too much at once. We are going to Egypt for the hols.

  • Wow, Egypt - my brother went their on his honeymoon - looks fab! Do you know how to ride a camel? ;) x

  • Oh! well you should get some hot weather there. You will be able to store up your vitamin D but don't forget the high sunblock. Have a good time.

  • yeh factor 40

  • Thanks summer.

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