anyone know if any operations are available

hi i am 30 years old and feel like im stuck in a 90 year olds body, i have sero negative a soriatic arthritis, my knees are starting to not want to move my toes are like there clenched and cant move i am in pain constantly, mtx sulpha and hydro dont seem to be giving me any benefits, wating to go on biologial tratment, does anyone else have similar problems with ther feet or had operations to sort any joints out as i realy need to work and cant they way i am. and also does the meds i take make me depressed?


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  • Hi there

    Sounds as if you do really need to change meds as soon as possible. Do you know how long you'll have to wait? If it's more than a few days then start pestering your GP/rheumy and anyone else you can think of to speed it up.

    Lots of people who've switched meds say that the difference is brilliant, so this may be all you need to get you skipping again. I'm only on the same meds you are, but before they started working I could hardly walk. But if the meds don't change things it may be that you have a bit of osteoarthritis too, but there are thinghs that can be done right up to complete knee replacements.

    As for the depression, people respond differently to meds but depression is a possible side effect. But depression is also v common with RA anyway, as this is a tough thing to have so could be completely unrelated. Talk to your GP about it as there are things that can help.

  • hi

    i am back at the rheum specialist next week for the biologic meds, just hope they work as well as people say they do, do you know if they will take away any of the odd shapes that my fingers and toes have gone?

    and i think i need to have a word with the dr about feeling down all the time as it cant be doing me any good.


  • Hi

    Once you start on the Biological treatment you will notice a huge improvement in your condition. It works for most people and is only rejected by a minority. I, too, had the same problem 11 years ago and as soon as I went onto Infliximab, 7 years ago, it gave me my life back. I have, since, had two operations, one on each foot and life is now much easier.

    MTX can make you a little depressed but keep your chin up and wait until you get your biological treatments. I promise you, there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel so keep positive.

    Remember, PMA, positive mental attitude. It’s hard I know, but you’ll get there.


  • can i ask what did you get done on your feet?

  • Hi Jaymac, I have had 3 hammertoes straightened around 1987 and in 2008 I had my right foot totally reconstructed. (I had 4 dislocated toes and my big toe was bone on bone).

    Try the meds first, because they might help you avoid having to have any surgeries. Unfortunately, arthritis drugs take time to take effect-sometimes weeks to months. You could ask about prednisone or getting the shot of cortisone to tide you over until your meds start working though.

    Good luck,


  • hi did it make walking less painfull and less of a strugle after the ops?

  • Yes, after the swelling went down. I could get my shoes on easier & the pain from the dislocations is gone. My foot still swells with hot weather, but it doesn't hurt anymore.

    I walk M/W/F with a friend, and I am in an exercise class on M/W's where we stretch/walk/stretch and I feel great. My fixed foot doesn't hold me back at all.

  • Hi Jaymac - I've been posting a bit on here about depression and MTX. I'm fairly sure the two are linked for me but am trying to keep an open mind - only I've never been depressed before all this so find it hard to know where one thing starts and another ends really. But if you're still in a lot of pain and the drugs aren't working and you're young it's not surprising if you are suffering from depression - these conditions are all systemic and depression is one of the main symptoms listed for all of the inflammatory arthritis's. Good luck getting onto Biologics/ anit-tnfs I really hope they make a huge difference for you. TTx

  • me too tilda just feel realy down constantly an trying to do stuff that i should have no problems doing an cant either pain is too much or just tired and down in myself, i sometimes feel guilty about not being able to keep up with my 8 year old son who shouldnt have to see me like i am i am only 30 aan should be makin the most of things and ant feel like im goin on now.

  • Hi, I am an ortho sister, there are lots of surgical options if you want to go down that route, you can even have troublesome nodules reduced or removed. The larger joints like knees and hips they will do partial replacement or total replacement IF they think you meet the criteria, this is because it is major surgery and you are very young, although I have seen it done on people in their late teens and twenties. This is because they only last a certain amount of time and revision surgery is long and very major surgery. Little joints can also be replaced now, we see a number of people, mostly in day case, having troublesome finger joints being repaired or fused or replaced. You really do need to see your rheumy doctor or rheumy nurse, failing that see your Gp. I have a serious side effect from pred and sulfa that effected my mental health, as soon as I was taken off them I quickly recovered. There are so many meds to try, one will be the right one for you. Take care of yourself and try to keep your chin up, be kind to yourself, don't forget you have a tough illness and you will have bad and good days and as he meds start working the good days wil out number the bad. Carol xx

  • Hi

    You do not mention if you have ever been referred to podiatry (chiropody) or been offered help from an orthotist ( a health professional who can make insoles for your shoes and analyse your gait) - talk to your rheumatologist or your GP to ask for a referral. I recently attended a session on feet a rheumatology conference and one of the presenters was very insistent that it is much better to present early with any feet problems and potentially avoid the need for surgery. Good luck with the biologic drugs!

    Best wishes




  • hi yes i got told i was gettting refered to see a podiatist 6 months ago and asked evertime ive been the hospital and still not heard anything.

    maybe ther just busy? how long does a refferal usualy take?

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