How do you know if mtx is starting to work?

Sorry if this question sounds silly. I am starting to feel a strange sensation happening throughout my body. The only way I can explain it is it feels like fluid is draining out of my swollen hands and feet.

My fingers still look swollen, but they are able to move more freely with hardly any pain. Could my 10 mg of mtx be working? I take my 9th dose on friday.

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  • Yes darling it does sound like it to me.xxxx

  • Oh Sylvi, I really hope so.

  • I hope fervently that it is working for you, Suzanne.

  • Thanks Mickey. I hope so too.

  • Sounds like it! I'm at the same MTX stage as you and getting the same sensations. Also my other joints feel better too, thank goodness. Best wishes to you, hope you continue to feel better! Ally x

  • Isn't this exciting Ally? 4 hours ago I was sitting outside watching my hubby BBQ our dinner. All of a sudden I felt like my hands were dripping wet. I have a wet draining sensation. I can not stop staring at my hands.

    Ally, I think this is the begining of getting our lives back .

  • oh I do hope so!! For me it's waking up and being able to move my hands freely. I can even get my rings on and off! After being like this five years on and off (on salazopyrin) it's great! 😊

  • It's ecstatic!! It's almost 1 am and I can not sleep. I can not seem to stop moving my painfree fingers :)

  • That is the loveliest thing to read, so happy for you!!xx

  • Wait until the day you snap your fingers, and it works - I LOVED that...

  • Fabulous! My magic moment was week nine too....I made a bed and realised that I wasn't wincing in pain from tucking the sheets in.

    Not to rain on your parade, but it took a lot longer to get to "normal" - but at least I had real hope that I'd get there. Little baby steps...and don't go mad and spring clean the house out of excitement.

  • It is almost midnight now and I am so excited about this that I can not go to sleep!!

    My husband said the samething to me about baby steps. I've never met you Helix, but you seem to know my personality well!! I was thinking about cleaning my oven tomorrow. It hasn't been cleaned for 9 months. lol

  • Well mine hasn't been cleaned since I got RA, and the world is still turning. Let it wait! Go for a gentle walk instead. This stage is fragile so you don't want to scare your recovery back into hiding.

  • So true. My poor little dog has spent the last couple of months cooped up in the house with me. I'm going to start building up my stregth. Slowly and steadily. Rome was not built in a day.

  • Hey Suzanne I'm so happy for you!!

    That's great news, you have waited for a break through for so long now. Onwards and upwards as they say.

    Thanks for posting this, I've not felt any benefit yet but I'll know what to look out for nowπŸ˜ƒ. Xx

  • Yes Onwards and Upwards for the both of us. Your turn is just around the corner. I was in pain about 5 hours ago as I struggled to sit outside on our deck. My hubby was at the BBQ making us dinner. All of a sudden I felt water draining from my hands. Just like that.

  • That's amazing!

    I didn't know how I expected the mtx to show its working, but I would never have guessed it felt like that! I'm not surprised your feeling so excited, I would be. I've just told my hubby about your news and he's said "your next, you'll see". Your post has given me a new found hope that it will work for me too.

    As Helix said take it easy though, imagine yourself as a brand new flower bud, slowly opening. 🌸


  • Your husband is right. You are the next one to post the moment your MjTX has kicked in.

    I never expected it to happen while waiting for dinner!! I want to know what you were doing at the special moment.

  • I will let you know when,where and what I was doing, when I have my moment πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I hope my moment happens at an approproate time! No x rated versions here!!!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜šπŸ˜š

    I was starting to doubt it would work for me, I had an appointment with the nurse last week and she said it could take another 6 wks for any improvement. So I'm going to keep going, have the side effects lessened for you? Mine haven't.

    So pleased for you ,must be such a relief after so long.

  • It's 8:30 am and I've have 4 hours of sleep!! The draining sensation is still happening.

    I am still swollen, but I was able to "jump" out of bed. Yes, I jumped out of bed!!! Whoo hoo!!

  • Yes, I still have the 2 days of of sleepiness after I take my MTX.

    I take it on friday, I wonder if I will still be sleepy this time?...but even if I am, I don't care. I will be happy to be dopey for 2 days if it means 5 painfree happy days. :)

  • Yes it could! It takes a while but I found relief after a while. Many people do live happily on this drug and I wish you well. I found it started to stop working eventually and needed to take higher and higher doses and now inject. Sadly it has never really got to grips with my RA which is why I am now on biological drug. But please be optimistic as you may suit this drug more than I did. X

  • I've been dealing with RA for over 3 years now and this is the first time I actually feel like something positive is happening. I am going to listen to my hubby and Helix about baby steps. I have lived in this messy house now for over 9 months now. Dust bunnies have been my companions.

    I will take my dog for a little walk tomorrow.

  • Ha, reminds me. What About Bob!!! Baby Steps, it's hard to settle down on such great news, but seriously just take it easy and keep on moving on in that pain free direction, Lord willing it's all down hill now. We are so happy for you!!! May many more find relief too. This is our prayer for everyone on this forum.



  • Yes Brian, this is our prayer for everyone!!! I want us all to get our lives back :).

  • It sounds like it to me.

  • Yay!! things are brightening up for you πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ πŸŽ‰I'm not on MTX ....previous lung issues ... but am glad it's working for you. Love & light πŸ’“

  • What a wonderful sensation for you! I love the idea of actually seeing and feeling your hands come back to life. I don't remember if it was my hands or feet which started to feel better first but I can remember no longer having to crank myself forward inch by inch to pull my socks on! Definitely leave those dust bunnies where they are and enjoy your walk. I am so pleased for you!


  • Fingers crossed for you suzannedale ( pardon the pun ). Really hope it is working for you.

    Beverley (NRAS helpline)

  • Thanks Beverley!! It's kind of funny that you mentioned "finger's crossed" as I've been attempting to do just that!! lol I stll can't quite do that yet, but I can now put my ring on the tip of my finger!!

  • Really hope this is YOUR time! It's been a long wait for you. I can't wait to read all about the things you're able to. I remember being nervous to do too much when my meds worked. Take it easy still, your body needs to recover from the long term pain. BUT long may this improvement continue xx

  • Great news but take it step by step , it was good for me but I needed Bisomar to go with it Benapali but I'm pushing my self at fitness classes now, apart from today as I'm in bed with a cold but that's just a minor pain in the bum, Go girls go

  • I feel positive . It is working for you. it took 12 weeks for me.

    Goo luck !


  • That is awesome. I am so happy for you. It is amazing how well it can work for some people. It also seems to happen with Biologics. I am still drug free since June 27th. I will start Actemra after I see Internist Oct4th. I must admit I feel better off drugs. For me , the opiates create rebound pain and nausea and I am allergic to Naproxen , Sulfa Ext...

    It is such a complex disease. It is unique to each individual. There is such a wide range of affectivity . The strength and courage displayed is inspiring. Thank you all for sharing your experience and giving others courage in the process. πŸ‘

  • I've been upset with the amount of drugs that I have been taking for the last 2 years with no improvement. A total of 438 pills have entered my body for the month of August. So I completely understand you wanting to give your body a rest and be drug free while you wait for the internist. Your day of being painfree is coming!!

  • I think part of the problem that we have with chronic pain is it's subjective nature. It is not like there is a test that measures how you feel pain. This in my world give the doctor far to much power. Because I have established on my own that I can manage better without there intervention, they have no leverage. Now if I choose to try a drug it is purely my choice.

    I have also refused psychotropic drugs for the same reason. I believe those drugs are used to subdue you. I prefer to stay fully alert. I do have periods of serious depression however, I know from experience I can get passed it on my own far more efficiently than with 'treatment'. LET ME STRESS..I DO NOT RECOMEND this for anyone else. I know my body and what I am capable of. I tend to focus on upcoming dates, tests etc to get threw the ruff patches..also canabis. This drug is great for me. It is a good anti inflammatory and keeps me from focusing on pain. "Mind over matter, if you don't mind, it don't matter..pardon the grammar lol

    Pain is horrible and because I am not taking anything I am also not functioning. I could not do this if I had to work or do anything besides stay home. I do not intend to carry on indefinitely. I simply want a treatment which does not make me feel worse than I already do. Or at least enjoy the time I have left in clarity. Wishing you all a productive day 😘

  • That's great news Suzannedale. My dosage increased and it took about 9 and a bit weeks to make a difference. Onwards and upwards! It's a nasty old drug but it makes so much difference xx

  • great news suzanne, so happy 4u. i began mtx 15mg tabs sep '15 then to nject abt march '16 while weaning off tiny 5mg prednisolone. took about 8 weeks to work a bit n injections were diff 'cos hands / wrists wdn't co-operate but was more mobile from last xmas [cautiously - listen to helix]. off mtx temp now while lung assessment and in flare - wish i'd never told gp re cough from january but she set it all in process even tho 2 wks nasal drops cleared ot. lung scan nxt sunday shd sort it n give me back my mtx . early mtx pills = nausea but metaject sorted that. hope to xplore minocin with rheumy at nxt appt but dunno. very best xx

  • ps 2 SUZANNE - dust bunnies n oven cleaning are least of your worries lol... btw i borrowed my son's computerised flying saucer type vac - one which rechargesitself and twas gr8t. xx

  • Woop woop Sue! I'm soooo pleased, it does seem an odd experience you're having but it certainly sounds as though MTX is working for you. Now, no overdoing it & enjoy the freedom. x :)

  • Anyone on Ariva? Mtx didn't work, was on prednisone also. Dr wanted me off pred. but as soon as I weaned off, my shoulders hurt really bad. Just doubled Ariva to 20 mg.

  • Sounds like it to me :)

  • I think from reading your replies from all your friends here you have stirred up the same fervour as the last night at the proms!! I can see the flags waving and "land of hope and glory" being sung loudly if badly by all of us, long may your relief continue x

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