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To everyone who replied to my first blog,

I cant thank you all enough,have been crying buckets reading all your replies,at last, people who believe me when I say how bad it really is.I no longer feel alone now,stupidly that makes me feel so much better.( Its Saturday,my down and feeling sick day !!)

I know the health service is overloaded,but I did think that my consultant would at least believe and listen to me,but he seems so rushed,I was in and out in minutes with no chance to ask questions and little interest in what I have to say.

I have learnt more in 1 day on here than in 9 months with him,and have had more support,understanding and friendship than I have ever had.

Thanks again.


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Jill it's great that you've found us - I get more out of this site than I've had in any of my dealings with GPs or brief meetings with consultant and come here all the time to stay sane really.

I'm now considering going private - in fact have almost decided to do it although it goes against all my principles and against my income bracket. But I'm becoming more and more mindful of the fact that we only get one chance to stop this disease from damaging us severely and delays and rheumies who are drowning in a sea of referrals, plus many other cutbacks further down the line have forced me to reconsider and I'm going to talk to my GP on Tuesday about this decision because I don't understand how it would work in practice for me or for him. But today I'm fine because it's Sunday and yesterday I was fine because it was Saturday and there is a patten to all this I'm quite sure. Take care and stay here with all of us it's the only place to be! TTx


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