Thanks to all of the wonderful words Re My sadness, being fed up, alone and in Agony and Missing Lucky Soo Much

Thanks to all of the wonderful words  Re My sadness, being fed up, alone and in Agony and Missing Lucky Soo Much

I wanted to say a Loving thank You to all who sent their special comments and words of advise and suggestions I am doing a Bit Better on The Emotional end of this well, at least today, But I wanted you all to know, That all You Kind and Loving words did not go unnoticed You Helped in many More ways than You Know,

As far as suggestions on another Kitty, It is so Hard to Explain the bond I had with Lucky. I had her since she was 1 and a half weeks old, she was always an indoor kitty, always glued to me day and night when I was home, She became so sensitive to every emotion, and witnessed so much Good and The Bad, and extreme of Bad Relationships, I brought her here to St Ives the first time in March 2007 we lived here 1 year and returned to care for my ailing Father, Until that time she had never been outside except with me. She was such a gentle and Mellow Baby, Her last 10 years she fought kidney failure and was on Prescription diet food and Meds from Vets,

I would go without, so Lucky could Have her Food and Medicine

I made a Promise to Lucky, That NO other Kitty would become part of my life, Because it wouldn’t be fair to the new Kitty, You must understand, Lucky was There when No others were, I would Not be able to Love a new Kitty like it would deserve, I would probably secretly resent it because it was not Lucky, No one could replace her.



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  • Love Mummy Lucky Roo Roooo 28th March 2012 Its been an Empty year since you went away, I love you and Miss you so x

  • My love to you my friend and i know how much you miss your lovely cat. Sending you hugs my

  • I'm sending you warm thoughts to help you for tomorrow. xx

  • So sorry for your loss.I know so well the pain of losing a much loved pet.At the moment,my cat Jimmy is my rock.He is always there with me.He is an indoor cat too.He goes everywhere with me,even to the loo and I would be lost without him.4 years ago I had to have major surgery and when I came out of hospital,8 days later I caught swine flu.I was so ill,but Jimmy never left my side.When I was almost fully recovered Jimmy got ill.We rushed him to the vet,he had a blocked urethra and the vet said if we had left him another 24 hours we would have lost him.He had to have an op and now lives on a special diet to help his condition from recurring.It was my time to nurse him.We are inseperable,so I understand your loss as I would be the same if anything happened to Jimmy.I will send a prayer for Lucky and for you,to help you get through tomorrow and the days to follow.Thinking of you.xx

  • my thoughts are with you have pm you xx

  • Maybe this sounds silly but a few weeks after our splendid cat died another one just turned up & demanded to come in the house. We shooed her away but she kept coming back, leaving dead rabbits in front of our door! Eventually she got her way & 4 years later we secretly (not so secretly now!) think of her as the last wondrous cat's successor! It is as if he sent her - she even prances around with her tail held high just as he did.

    Maybe, just maybe, your kitty will sort of send you another or you will find him or her! Animals are pretty amazing so don't shut another one out of your life if the opportunity arises - they don't think like us so it probably wouldn't be a betrayal, more a continuation.

    Luce xx

  • That is a lovely reply Luce, I was with Lucky over 21 years, so You can imagine just how difficult it is, I lit her a candle and have her little Oak casket with her Name Plaque on my chest of drawers, It burned the whole day and Night, and I put on her photo frame which changes pictures ever few seconds It is loaded with just her pics, a friend had given it to me at Christmas and had used my FB pics of Lucky to pre Load the Frame before he gave it to me, How Sweet

    It helped get me through the day, and all the Lovely Messages went a Very Long Way

    Thanks Again XX


  • Arran is our fourth black cat. She came to live with us about a month after hale bop was killed. I didn't think we could have another cat after him, but Arran is such a character and keeps us company. I don't really believe in it but she feels like a reincarnation. So sad to lose animal friends. Did you see terry pratchett on the ourangutans on telly last night?

  • Cats are such mysterious little beasts that you do end up feeling that anything is possible in their world - or I do anyway & so glad I'm not the only one!

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