hello - and thanks

hello everyone. I only found this forum about 5 days ago and have spent quite a time since then reading over some of the posts and it has been wonderful to see that there are others in similar state to me - not wonderful that you are in the state of course :-) but that I know now that there are others who share my problems and difficulties. So thank you to you all for the words I've read.

I was diagnosed with RA at end of 2007 after 12 months of pain and problems. I had seen several GPs but then in oct I saw a new one at the practice and he said straight away he thought it was RA and got me referred. I can't praise my GP enough - he has seen me so many times and been such a wonderful source of help and encouragement. In 2008 when there were problems getting mediction sorted and i was in terrible state - physically and mentally - just couldn't accept what was happening to me that at one point he was seeing me every week. I am more settled now - pain is generally liveable with although my right wrist is my worst and of course I'm right handed which affects everything I do. I've had to go part time at work - my boss has been great and he's employed another part timer to take the stress off me.

My biggest problem is the fatigue - I just cannot understand why I always feel so absolutely shattered I don't sleep well but it's more than just a tiredness as result of poor sleep - it's a complete body fatigue. But having read comments on here - I do feel a little less alone.

Anyway it's a Saturday and ths sun is starting to break through so let's hope there is bit of sunshine for all of us.


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Hi Cheryl, Hello and welcome to the site. I was diagnosed in January 2008, spent 3 1/2 months off work and then went part time 3 days a week. Fatigue is the biggest problem with RA - all I can suggest is get as much rest as you can. Try to make some down time for yourself each day and don 't overdo it. We have all been there and suffered for it afterwards. The housework can always wait until the next day. Nothing is so important that it must be done there and then.

What medication are you on? Most of us are on methotrexate and one of the anti tnfs but there are so many different medications out there.

If your right wrist is bothering, speak to a physiotherapist, or your rheumy nurse/consultant, as you can get splints for your hand and wrist which help.

It sounds like you have a lovely employer who understands the problems you are having. There are booklets you can get from NRAS which give you plenty of information about RA, work etc. Have a look at their website.

You are not alone. We are all here to help if we can and if we don't know the answers, we know someone who does! NRAS are your first port of call for help and they do have volunteers at the end of the phone as well.

Good Luck with the meds. LavendarLady xx


Hi Cheryl,

I was diagnosed in 2008 also, and felt as you described, only found this site when I was better somewhat.

I have the same problem with right wrist! Is your wrist bone bigger on right than left? I too work of course with mostly R wrist, I have had it scanned and it is damaged:( I think this is a result of RA, but probably repetitive strain also.

I have a wrist rest and foot rest at desk, which are good. Have you had your right hand injected? I got this done twice in the hospital under camera (skeleton hand/ wrist on radiograph as they inject whatever anti inflamm/ steroid) and that has really helped.

The tiredness really is a matter of pacing, I know everyone says that, and I also, some days just come home from work, straight up the stairs and have a lie down.

I work week on -week off, and I must say I find it sooooo much easier , when not working fatigue wise., but needs must so onwards & upwards!

Anyway, welcome great to hear from new friends.

Kindest Regards, Gina.

Ps. Old friends. Note new spacing on text. My son says only 'old people' write big long continuous blogs online! Haha!

Have to keep up! Who Knew?


Strage thing is Gina my son said a similar thing recently, must be getting old that's all I can say.

mand xx


Hi Cheryl, Welcome to HU, a place where you can offload your RA problems, and know that your not alone. I was diagnosed in 1995 same year as my son was born, even though I had many problems before then.

Accepting your RA is one of the main things you need to do, but it's not easy, it feels like a constant fight with it at times. But you can't fight it, you will never win this fight RA will drive you into the ground, it's all about the accepting and the pacing to help you cope.

It is difficult for you at the moment your heads all over the place, but it won't always be this way in time you will improve and get your quality of life back.

Fatigue/tiredness is another part of RA which most of us suffer with, it is part of the condition but you will learn to manage that too, mainly through pacing.

I too suffer with that awful body fatigue, you feel like your whole body is being held down by weights.

Once you can get onto the right regime of drugs this will improve along with you RA. If your wrist keeps giving you constant problems then let them know, you don't want any joint destruction, many things can be done early on and like Gina said a joint injection may help you

Take care for now and remember your not alone!

mand xx


Hi welcome Cheryl. I am alison I was diagnosed late 2009, sometimes the fatigue hits you like a sledgehammer.. well it does me.. Ii got Up and did down stairs housework, washing and shoping and by 3pm ish I was so exhausted I feel asleep for abour an hour... I only work part time since my illness due to pain and fatigue, welcome to the ra club, we all try try help each other or have a good man or whatever.. we have some prolific writers here too xx


Hi Cheryl,

Welcome from me too:-)

I hope that now that you've found us you'll be blogging and getting support along with the rest of us!

Cece x


Hi Cheryl

Nice to hear from you. Fatigue is a bit of a whatsit. I have found that the more you pace yourself the easier it gets. That is easy to say when you haven't got to go out to work! I am lucky I can do thing when I feel able. I think this is the reason I have been able to get on top of it. When you do have down time, it is so important not to worry or fret or think about anything then either!

I always find that my brain is the last thing to switch off and sometimes it drives me mad not being able to switch off and relax completely. With the help of my OT department I have been able to pick up some good techniques for relaxation.

You will get loads of advice and tips on here.

Julie xx


Hi Cheryl and welcome!

I too have a massive problem with Fatigue at one point it took over my life.

Now I'm trying to learn the art of pacing myself. It works most of the time I just have to listen to my body at all times and when I'm tired To-rest or sleep whatever but if I don't I surfer worse.

Hope you find this site useful) I've met some lovely friends in person or just by messages but I still consider them all my friends and they are always there to offer amazing Invalube support.

Take care

Julie x


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