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Cuts & scrapes - what antiseptic can stand up to all these drugs?

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Have just got into bed and rather than my usual lovely hand cream, have instead applied lashings of Savlon. Every little cut or scratch, no matter how small, erupts into a massive cut that becomes incredibly painful and takes weeks to heal-don't you just love immunosuppressants.

Does anyone else have this problem? And if so have you found anything works at helping your skin heal better, that doesn't involve bulk buying plasters and Savlon?

It's strange how I find I get more upset by the small things - the big things (like RA itself!) are just there.

Yours Moaningly x

12 Replies
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this is going to sound strange but I. swear to mynuka honey I have found it the best solution its expensive but worth it its a natural antibiotic etc it's good for colds also hope this helps xxx

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Jen,its caused by the steroids as i found out to my cost,my skin is very fragile and any knock and my skin bruises and cuts bleed like hell. The thing i find hard is that my skin itches so much. I was told to use e45 cream to protect my skin,i use it twice a day.

I haven't found anything yet either apart from savlon,but i'm at the hospital today and if i remember i will ask.


Thank you both, hmm had heard about honey - just put it on cuts or eat?!? Both possibly. Yes it is awful, seem to look at my hands and they end up with cuts. I finished steroids in the winter and have only had one injection this year in February, would I still be feeling effects? Or is this a long term effect of having taken?x

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I use Arnica Gel very cool & soothing can get a 500ml pump bottle on ebay for £8.95 p&p free

Best thing I have ever used x

yes, agree with bigmommy, I am a huge manuka fan! I use a spoonful for heartburn, when I'm feeling I'm coming down with something, use it with hot water, ginger and lemon for colds and apply it direct onto cut and scrapes.

It calmed down an ugly blister on my heel once, amazing. Now my nails keep breaking too far down and get very sore so have been apllying it direct when it becomes infammed and that stopped any infection...

gosh, i promise I'm not selling the stuff!!

we all use it in the family, my 16month olds persistent cough was cleared within 2 days of adding aspoonful to her warm milk!

It has anti-bacterial properties I believe...

I forgot about arnica, always good to have :) x

Thank you, I'm off to get some Manuka now! Sounds messy but if it works will be great. Arnica - got thank you :) x

I don't think it's steroids although I have been on and off them a lot in my life I suppose. I think it might be MTX if you're on that because I keep snagging the side of my nose at the moment with my nail on the nostril and it just won't heal and bleeds and bleeds. Haven't actually cut myself properly anywhere else for ages but would be interesting to see if same thing happens when I do - if I'm still on MTX by then that is. Manuka for cuts and infections and Arnica for bruising are our family favourites too. TTx

I keep a tube of triple antibiotic ointment and a box of bandaids in the kitchen. Use immediately when I know I have a cut or scratch. Works perfectly, otherwise it happens as you describe, then have to take antibiotic for a week! Lxx

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Have you tried plastic skin, or spray plaster? I find that plasters (or bandaids!) don't last a minute and the scratch gets dirty again very quickly. So once I've cleaned up a scratch I spray it with plastic skin & that keeps it safe for much longer. I've also got boxes of latex gloves, as I do lots of gardening so I use them to keep hands away from infections. Not that expensive if you buy a box of 100 on the internet. Px

Thank you everyone again, a plethora of info! I have tried the spray plaster but have a feeling was passed its expiry as was very sticky. That along with Manuka honey and gloves should see sorted. Clearly there's no miracle that makes skin tougher :(

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I find that tea tree oil helps me to avoid those annoying infected cuts and punctures.

It's a natural antiseptic, stops the skin from drying out (so fewer cracks in the skin), and is cheaper than manuka honey.

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Tea trees are Manuka trees, so logical that has similar effect. And 'cos doesn't need thousands of bees to turn it into honey it would be cheaper....

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