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Royal Wedding whoopee

In case anyone out there doesnt know its the Royal Wedding tomorrow lol. My daughters were tittering at me when I was going buy some union jack flags and plates etc in the pound shop (classy eh). Anyway now they have both got Royal Wedding fever. There is no cure so there is nothing for it. We are having a buffet with balloons etc and I may even wear a tiara. Anyway whatever you are doing have a lovelly day.

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LOL! It was fun seeing all the little girls in our town walking down the road to school yesterday in their 'princess' dresses and tiaras/crowns, but other than that I'm pretty 'baaaah humbug' myself. Then again, I don't have any little'n's myself to 'infect' me. :-) Have a lovely party. I'm going shopping with an equally bah humbug friend. (Fortunately we have a specific shop in mind and we've checked it's open!)


\well enjoy your shopping at least the shops should be quiet.


Hello we had a bit of a party with Daughter and Husband starting

the day at 9.15 with bacon butties. mmm


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