hi ,,, back

Hi ... havent been on for a while due to having a car accident

i was driving down the road and a car decided to pull out on me and wrote my car off !!!

been in hospital with head injuries and am waiting for facial surgery ... and waiting to see eye specialist ...

not been able to take my MTX but just taking salazapyrin ...

not sure how long after surgery that i can start retaking ?

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  • You poor thing ,at least your alive. Did the other driver get charged with dangerous driving? They should if your car is written off.

    Are you on the mend now and getting better. I assume by you blogging on here your out of hospital.

    I wish you na speedy recovery.

    love sylvi.xx

  • Oh how awful I did wonder where you had gone? Poor you - hope the RA hasn't been compounding your problems now you're off the MTX? TTx

  • Thanks sylvi and tilda ... Yes the driver has been prosecuted sylvi ... I am on the mend at moment but slowly just waiting for surgery cheek bone as its fractured in 3 places ... Have stitches 6 in my forehead and a gash under my eye .. Your right sylvi I'm lucky to be alive ... Tilda so far not had a flare up so fingers crossed RA pain doesn't add to my recovery xx

  • oh thats terrible, sorry to hear it, i hope you get well soon. xx

  • Ouch that's not good. I hope your recovery goes well and heals up nicely. Axx

  • OMG that sounds awful, I hope the surgery goes well.

    Hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Beth xxx

  • You mustve been really shaken i hope you feel better soon

    Cathie xx

  • Thankyou All xx

  • poor you that is a shocking thing to happen - i wish you all the best wishes in the world and a good recovery

  • thankyou all for your kind words xxx

  • So sorry to hear what happened wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • Get well soon!

  • Hi

    Get well soon!

    Hope your ra continues to behave itself.

    Sci :)

  • thankyou summer...tiger....sciqueen xxxx

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