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hi all

hi guys, not been on for a while, do still read blogs tho

well i had a scan on the inside of my right ankle as i noticed my foot was turning outward when i walk but my ankle was turning inward.

The scan revealed that i have inflamation around the tendon and that my tendon is in a very bad way :(

im now waiting to see an orthopaedic consultant and may need an opperation to put a sling under the tendon to hold it in place ??

I was going to have it injected but was told if i did it would rupture straight away, please help !! has anyone else had this condition and if so what does it involve, i think i was so relieved not to be having an injection ( after the elbow one) cos it hurt like hell, i didnt really take in what i was being told xx big hugs to you all xx

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Hi Ali, I'm so sorry to hear about your ankle that sounds so painful. I'm afraid I've not experienced this issue but just wanted you to know my thoughts are with you & hope you get this sorted. Can you see or even call your rheumy so that they can give you more info?

Big hugs & take let us know how you get on though. Xx


will do and thanks xx


I have this problem and I have just had a pair of trainers made for me (by the hospital) where they have made the sole suitable for my ankle and foot. To try and make the ankle sit in a better line. My toes have also drifted towards the little toe side, leaving me with what looks like bunions but its not its the bones gone all squewiff. I have literally just picked the shoes up yesterday and after wearing them for 1/2 hour my feet felt quite sore but its because Ive only worn flipflops for about 3 years. I can only tell myself that it will get better.

Have your toes gone adrift yet?



no my toes havent gone adrift yet. did they suggest an operation ? i live in flip flops xxx


Lucky you, I hope they never do. They've never suggested any ops for me and I was surprised when they said they could do some trainers for me. Maybe trainers are cheaper than ops. ^haha^. Although I'm happy that I've got trainers as operations might go wrong, would be very painful and I could end up not being able to walk at all. x


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