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Infections Fed Up

I am feeling a bit fed up, I am on cimzia and it has really helped but because it makes you prone to infections I have had to have antibiotics and steroids and each time I have had to stop the injections, I have had a sinus infection this time and a sore throat as well . I went to the Drs as you are told to do, and was told that they did not want to give me any antibiotics as I had had alot and would risk becoming resistant, I have asthma as well as type 1 diabetes. When I became ill 3 years ago I did not go to drs straight away the result was that I became so ill I had to be admitted to hospital be given oxygen and nebulizer I could not breath I was told I must go to drs when I got infection in future to be given treatment. The thing is I am afraid that I will be left wiithout help, I know it is a risk having antibiotics but I am in a catch 22 position It has really made me afraid. I don't want all these infections and wish I could just leave it and get better on my own, My rheaumatology drs tell me I must go to GP then a Dr at my surgery who I don't usually see tells me different,, has anyone else had this problem.? I am scared to start cimzia again but it has really helped me have a better quality of life! I think the only people who know how I am feeling are people with this soul destroying condition I am writing this a 5.15am as I have got some pain..

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Ann, i can understand where your coming from as i had a chest infection at xmas and i'm still suffering. I've had 3 courses of antibiotics and still i find i'm notwell. Have had x-rays blood tests and now my gp tells me he thinks i have blocked sinuses and he has given me a nasal spray to see if that will sort me out. I haven't had my mtx for 9weeks now and boy am i in pain. I am back at the hospital next week to see the rheumy nurse and see what they are going to do with.

My advice to you is to get back to the doctors asap and see what they can come up with,see another doctor who will have a better idea of how you are,

Hope you feel better soon.



Anne, that is shocking, can you phone them up and insist that they give you some guidance as to what to do if they don't want to give you an antibiotic. Its not your fault that you are getting all these infections. Sometimes i think if it is a different doctor they don't fully read your file and therefore don't have a full view of your problem.

I totally agree with Sylvi to go back. All the best Anne


Thankyou for your support it means alot as nobody who does not have RA know how it feels and how low you can feel. Thought I might have a word with my rheaumatolgist and see what they say. Thankyou once againx


Hi Ann

i know exactly how you feel - have had so many things wrong - cold,sickness, sore throats, sickness again and finally a fungal infection (inmy groin! !) - that i have had to stop Enbrel due to low immune.

starting taking tabs for fungal infection which has laid me out for two days with severe sickness and tiredness - AA RRGGHH.

what do we do ? one med after another seems to make things worse and all the time joints swelling up and stiff.

i just want to say i know how you feel - totally exhusted and confused.



Hi Ann, I replied on my iphone on way to the airport at 5.45 this morning but it wouldn't load up. Just wanted to say how sorry I am that you are having such a rubbish time with this problem with endless infections. Although I'm feeling a bit low as my OH has had to fly down to be with his dad who is now receiveing paliative care and not expected to last the day - your situation makes me realise how lucky I am not to get any infections with the MTX and for everything to be much better re the joints. Still get very tired, achy and low so can understand how you must feel at least. I think Mads is right you should make an apt to go and see your usual GP and try and speak to your rheumy also because they can't just leave you untreated on all fronts. Good luck and a big gentle hug for you. TTx


Tilda my thoughts are with you and your family at this time,When people are coming to the end of their life it is hard for the ones left behind. Its hard waiting and as you are unwell as well it makes it hard as you can't go down there at a drop of a hat,because of ra. You keep the homefires burning until hubby comes home,he will need your support,even if you can't pschyacle able to.

You take care. love sylvi.xx


Thank you for your message at this sad time, and I hope you get a reprieve soon from the pain and tiredness. I am going to have a word with my rheaumatologist at the next appointment. Take carexxx


Hi Ann, the GP you saw has absolutely no common sense and clearly hasnt read any of your history. He is putting you in a dangerous situation because infections rarely go by themselves!

Go back to a GP you usually see and spell it out to them, then tell them to give you a good antibiotic instead of a cheap one that you are possibly immune to!

Good luck, GPs are good until you come across a jobs worth like you have here.

Petra xxx


That's the trouble it is all about money not people, its like the health service has turned into accountants, we don't ask to get these illnesses but are made to feel it is our fault we have them, I would love for them who do not understand, to walk in our shoes for a month and know what it feels like, I think their attitude would change

Thank you for your kind message take carexx


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