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Took some of Mums things into a charity shop today and was feeling a bit down about it. However the ladies in there were so friendly and cheerful that I came out feeling much better. Sorry Mum if you are looking down hope you dont mind that I have got your pink cardie and your granddaughter is wearing your brown crop trousers lol. Lots of pain today think I need a rest. Nite nite fellow bloggers.

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  • awwwwwww sharon i have been there 10 years ago and its hard but am sure your mum will luv the thought you both found something to wear :) xxxx

  • Thankyou yes she would she didnt like waste.

  • Hi Sharon

    Hope you have had a good rest. You did a brave thing. My dad nagged me for ages to sort mum's stuff out because it upset him. It upset me! Any road up I did but didn't like the idea of someone else using her things. I kept some shoes I thought I "might grow into" because they were really "grannie type" Ha still got them and will never wear them. It's a funny old business letting go. It's been 7 years (this week on 14th April) It was Easter Sunday that year, the first I can remember when I didn;t get something for Easter, she was so good to us all 6 children and 13 grandchildren and we all got something. I expect you have fond memories of your mum. You will always have them.

    Julie x

  • Oh how lovelly that you have those memories of your Mum. We have had some giggles over some of her sayings which will go down in history with us. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon,

    Like Julie I have been in this place too, after my Dad died 8 years ago. Initially I chose a fair amount of things to keep but gradually over the years I've given most of them away too. I chose 3 things that were 'essence of Dad' - his checky flat cap, favourite tie and an Old Spice soap-on-a-rope.

    When you feel up to it it can be helpful to make a memory book, with photos and memories of their sayings and funny little ways - that way future generations can learn about their relative in a 3-dimensional way:-)

    Take good care of yourself, this stuff takes it's toll.

    Cece x

  • Thats a great idea I will do that. The vicar did a lovelly talk about my Mum which he had written using all the things I told him. I am going to ask him for a copy to keep. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon, when my dad died 11 years ago me and my brothers and sisters cleared out everything of my dads, I did keep a few photos and his glasses! of all things.

    But I so regret doing this now, couldn't keep everything and it all seems such a blur now but I wish I had took my time and sorted through properly, being the youngest and as it was the first time I had lost anyone so close my mind seemed to be all over the place.I have my memories and that's the main thing no one can take them away.

    mand xx

  • No your memories are always with you and no one can take them away from you. I have had to smile when looking through Mums things she had a thing about towels and bedding. Sharon

  • Hi Sharon, those are the beast times, if there are any, when you look through old things of your mom's and they make you smile.

    take care

    mand xx

  • So sorry Sharron I cannot imagine how hard this must have been keeping you in my thoughts hun xx

  • Thankyou so much.

  • that most of been so hard. do keep a few things and some nice pics . take care

    ali x

  • Yes I will keep some things as we had lived together for a long time Mum is everywhere in the house. I am just thankful that I had her for so long. Sharon

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