Rheumatologist visit

I'm seeing my rheumatologist today, and in all honesty I am dreading it. I have been off work for the past week from having a flare, probably one of the worst ones I've ever had.

I have been prescribed prednisolone by my GP to help with the swelling, pain etc. It has got rid of majority of my swelling but the pain is still there. Is this normal??

I'm still very new to all of this and I am worried. I'm usually a very positive, care free person and I have been so far from that the past few months.

I have completely changed my diet. I'm gluten, and dairy free. I rarely eat meat other than fish. I found it was helping LOADS and now I've been hit by this flare.

I go on holiday next Thursday, and I'm terrified I'm going to be in pain whilst in a foreign country.

Although, this note seems very doom and gloom too anyone who is very new to RA. this disease cannot control you, it cannot ruin your life. You have to OWN it. Show it you are YOU and NOTHING even the pain and the emotional days and the days you can't even dress yourself can stop you or have a hold over you. They are the days you step back, take a big deep breath and think to yourself, you are still alive, you are still breathing, and you are powerful, you are strong and you are you. This disease will not control you unless you let it.

Have a fab day everyone, and I will update you all after I've seen my consultant.

All my love and well wishes,

Cydney x

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  • To be honest thank goodness you're seeing the Rheumy. Show him this post.

    There's lots they can do... I've even had steroid infusions and within a couple of days been bouncing along. Good luck .

    Remember the Rheumy over the years can be your best advocate; talk to them...

  • I will. It's just SO frustrating!!, I'm terrified of needles but I will have anything to take this pain anyway. It's horrid.

    She's usually very good at understand how I feel. I was going to ask her about hydrotherapy too?

    Thank you x

  • Good idea

    Physio and hydro are very helpful but it's unlikely they will let you whilst your joints are inflamed as it can make things worse. Rest, hot or cold pads, gentle movemmovements, pain relief and Rheumy help is the way to go.

  • Last time you posted (I think) you not had much success with MTX, and Sulpha wasn't doing much for you either. So have you got a new treatment plan? Steroids are great in an emergency like going on holiday, but you need something that will control the disease long term.

    I hope the consultant listens to you and responds properly.

  • I'm hopefully going to sort all of that out today.

    My partners mum is a consultant for COPD and she said to me about cannabis oil, but I'm not sure about it. I'll speak to my rheumy today and see what she thinks is best. I hope she listens, I can't continue in pain 24/7

  • I know when you're in pain all you can think of is getting the pain to stop. But you need to discuss ways to control the disease with your rheumy - not just about managing the pain. Once the disease is controlled the pain should also go - I hardly ever need painkillers now.

  • All you can do is tell your Rheumy what its really like. They will be the best people to help and adviseyou. Like you, I'm concerned about a flare while I'm on holiday but am hoping that the warmth and sunshine, brilliant company and relaxation will all combine to ease things. However, being a worry wart I'll make sure that I pack all my meds, take the EHIC card, loads of high factor sun lotion, big hat and try to sensible about pacing. My dear old Nan used to say "hope for the best but prepare for the worst". Wishing you all the very best


  • I'm such a worrier, it's awful. But I couldn't think of anything worse than having a flare whilst on holiday. I really hope we'll both be okay!, just make sure you get lots of rest etc.

    Wishing you all the best, and I hope you have a fantastic holiday

    Cydney x

  • I'd advise you not to worry but am not a total hypocrite yet because I reckon I could get a Nobel prize for it. I'm sure we'll be fine and that we have an amazing time. Being retired, I know I won't be overdoing it, and I'm certain you won't either. Hugs


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