Interesting next few days-no tv

I downgraded my Satellite Dish tv service on Monday to save some money and now tonight the new HD box flaked out & I will have no tv, dvr, or anything until they send me another box via UPS-next Mon. So, I will be spending my time on the computer I guess. My box says that it exceeded heat restrictions, so I have a bag of frozen vegetables on top to see if that helps.

This is going to be so hard, because I have the tv on at almost all times-just for the noise. I don't feel so alone when I hear voices on the tv. Maybe I'll try & learn how to cook something new or I've been wanting to make/eat cookies, chocolate chip is what I am craving.

The weather here this week is amazing. I think we broke a record today, if it got to 80 we would, but now that I have no tv-I can't check to see if we did it. We are supposed to be in the high 70's all week. I walked around the lake today, by myself since my walking partner is on vacation. It is Spring Break for all students in Lincoln, so tons of kids, all ages, were out there enjoying the weather. My wrist hurt a bit today, so I held my water bottle only in my right hand. My hand kept sweating so I had to rearrange it a lot.

I'm not ready for shorts yet-I would blind people for sure!, but I did dig out a pair of my capris (sp) & a t-shirt. I got rocks in both shoes, so I sat on a park bench about 3/4ths of the way around the lake & emptied out my shoes.

Guess I should eat supper as it is already 9:40 pm. (I had a late lunch).

Perhaps I should do some yard work tomorrow, that would be good for me & my plants/grass. Or I could bring my bike downstairs & get it ready for riding. Oh, the possibilities...


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Christine, its been lovely in old blighty as well. I've been in the garden tidying up. I have to do a bit then stop and do a bit more, i'm not very good at this pacing lark,but my body won't let me do anymore. I love my little garden and it hurts that i can't get out there and do it all in one go. I will try and do a bit more today.

I like to walk but until my knee gets redone i won't be walking anywhere. I have a scooter to get me out and about.

Does your computer have access to the news and other channels if so put that on for noise,or turn the radio on.

Hope your ok. love sylvi.x


Hi Christine,

Living down south the weather has been overcast and cold !! (Even though yesterday should have been bright sunshine it wasn't).

It's suprising just how much we rely on the tv - as Sylvi suggests a radio (on a channel where they do a lot of talking) might help.



Hi Christine

You could always have a day "in England" and listen to the BBC through your computer! I don't have TV at the moment because of the roof works, so am also watching DVDs on my computer as well. Hope UPS deliver soon Px


Hi Christine, it made me laugh to read about your vegetables on top of the HD box. You have my deepest sympathies as I too am currently suffering a household appliance failure. My oven packed in last night and is going to be so expensive to repair I've had to order a new one. Were trying to save for a treat for our 25th wedding anniversary in August so it's an expense we could do without. At least you have your pc for company. Of the two I'd rather lose my tv than my pc.

Paula x


Hey Christine, lovely weather here as well, get those shorts out and show off the legs.

How is the no tv going - Did you get cooking? are you reading? writing? listening to the radio? listening to some music? I tried to not turn on the news every morning (my new years resolution) I didn't last a week.

Happy no tv night


Hi Christine - I did just watch the semi finals of Masterchef on BBC1 while I was working out on the Nintendo Wii Fit plus and enjoyed it a lot but i really don't watch much tv these days. I understand about the companionship of voices because I listen to BBC radio 4 and radio Scotland a lot when I'm working in the studio and love it - give the World Service a try as everyone here suggests it will make you feel closer to all of us at least! TTx


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