TV.. Or Not TV????

TV.. Or Not TV????

Having been in and out of hospital for the past 27 years, ten years concerning pregnancy and fertility problems and the last 17 years with RA. You would think I would have had enough of them (hospital that is) but why is it that every time there's anything on the TV concerning hospitals I just have to watch it! it's like some sort of addiction! Lol!

Holby City, I find myself watching it but not actually following the story just the patients! and there conditions. What's all that about?

Then there's junior doctors and one born every minute, all the emergency programmes on the extra channels. I must be mad! lol

It seems to really intrigue me and I don't no why, need to get out more I think before I end up back into a different type of hospital, if you know what I mean.

mand xx

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  • I am the same, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, OBEM, Junior Docs are all list of favs!

    You ever seen House ?...people with mystery illneses which are ultimately always treated using prednisolone and methotrexate!!! :)

  • Hi Jo, House? whats that never seen or heard of it, you must tell me more I'm intrigued already!!

    mand xx

  • Sometimes you can catch it on Channel 5 or maybe Demand 5.

    It's actually quite funny - Hugh Laurie plays an eccentric american superduper doctor. I think you'd enjoy it!! My description by no means gives it justice so here's the link!

  • Your probably a hypochondriac Mand!!

    No seriously, I always have to have a joke... seriously, I am exactly the same,it drive Mr Shepherd nuts because he likes blood and guts in battles and wars, like 300 and all those blooming Flying dragon type chinese movies. Each to their own!

  • Hi Julie, always the joker that's what we love about you, (hypochondriac!! cheeky) was going to ask if you watch Emmerdale but you live in Devon still on the farm though! Lol

    mand xx

  • nothimg like a good bit of blood and guts.. does any one watch embarrasing bodies.. and no they arent like us with ra, they have piles,,and some very interesting.. was a bit squamish at the spinal surgey I saw

  • Hi Alison, yes I watch that too! when I can anyway, makes a change from other diseases etc.

    mand xx

  • Love a hospital programme :-)

    Only wish my consultant looked like McDreamy or McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy :-)



  • Mmmmmmmm :)

  • I love grey s too, and house anything medical, don't ur ears prick up when u hear auto immune or methotrexate or prednisilone, I always rewind to hear it again!

  • Yes I love them too does anyone watch Nurse Jackie after Tudors on a Saturday night. Its brill.

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