Has anyone noticed an increase in broken and unsightly veins since diagnosis of RA?

I was at my GP today and she suspects Plantar Fasciitis to be the issue with my poor feet so now have referral to podiatrist, yippee! I may get a change of shoes from my Hotter Easy's which is all I have been able to wear for weeks. But while there I asked about the increase in the amount of broken veins noticeable in clusters from about half way down my calves up to my thighs and she said it is a common side effect of RA and other similar diseases. I have only noticed them getting so bad recently but then the old legs have been out a bit more than usual with all the lovely weather we have had. Gentle hugs to any of you out there feeling pain today.

Fi x

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  • Oh no. I thought it was just bad luck. Is there anything that RA doesn't cause? x

  • Yes I have this too on my thighs - thought same as Luce or ageing - blasted disease. Good luck with new shoes - I live in FitFlops and worry often that they will go into liquidation or cease and then what will I do because they are the only shoes I can wear now. Mind I've got five pairs now of different styles so I should be able to keep going for a few years with them at least! X

  • Just had an image of you mounting a lone protest (probably not lone, come to think of it) outside the fit flop factory should they cease trading. But that won't happen.

  • A young woman in our local shoe shop told me that some companies such as the one she was working for were pulling out of selling FitFlops because they are too expensive. She told me this in a hushed whisper and also said she lives in them but once you've started it's almost impossible to wear other shoes! She will join me out there protesting too I'm sure!

  • Form an orderly queue!

  • Thanks, Woolly and Tilda, glad it's not just me! Well, raining here now so the legs can go back into hiding :-) x

  • Honestly, don't believe it! Was catching up on all the posts when i saw this about broken veins.

    I cannot understand why my legs are getting worse with this problem. From my thighs right down on the feet and getting worse by the day!

    The sides of my feet under the ankles in and out are covered with thread veins (spider veins) they looked like bad bruising. I thought initially, it was because of surgery to foot and inactivity as in plaster for 3 months, 2 years ago.

    I'm really interested in what has been said as i had to come off my dmard 2 years ago in preparation for surgery. I'm still off it and awaiting to know if i will get a 'yes' on biologics.

    Since I've been off the drugs everything has got much worse, especially feet, so it would follow that these veins have spread like wildfire.........great! Something else to add to the pot!!

    Hope you get some help with podiatrist, they have helped me so much.

    Vonnie x

  • Thanks, Vonnie, I hope so too. I honestly thought the veins were just another menopausal effect and just mentioned it because they were getting so much worse. Good luck with the biologics, I hope you hear soon.

    Fi x

  • This post is so timely! I was only looking down in dismay at the thread veins on my legs last night. I never had them before my diagnosis in May 2012 but now there's a fair few. :-(

  • I know it's not major in the grand scheme of things - just something else we have to put up with I suppose. Fi x

  • Yes, definitely! Not just broken and unsightly but also much more visible (my skin appears translucent). I always thought it was down to Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome but could be due to both EDS and RA!

  • Yes, the veins seem much closer to the surface of the skin. Mine seem to be increasing daily. Fi x

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