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Oh! flippin 'eck

I was diagnosed with RA 2yrs ago, (still not in remission) following surgery for spinal decompression which had left me walking with a frame + seat. For the last two years my back was great 100% operation success.

Just before christmas I started getting back pain and am using my frame again. Yesterday I saw my Ortho chap, he says the pain is wear and tear and was in place at time of op. If that is so I asked, why did it not hurt for two years. Fair play to him he is sending me for new MRI to check it all out but says if he is right the only treatment would be to fuse the discs so I only have movement from hips not lower back. Oh and by the way says he it is a very much bigger op than the last one (that was a five hour op!).

So RA buddies my questions are -

Could the RA have got to my spine and be the cause of this trouble?

I am waiting to start Cimzia fortnightly injection. Is anyone on them, any tips advise, things I should know?

Thanks guys and girls

Sue x

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Where abouts it the pain in your back? I get really terrible pains in between my shoulder blades which I have been told is down the the RA and I also have general wear and's taken them a year though to decide it was the RA causing it.


I have fused lower lumber vertbrae , they have fused them selves lol, my dad has lower back arthritis too!, I do core strenthing execises for back, involving gym ball and wall etc, ask your physo, or local gym pt trainer for some advice , make sure the p/t is qulaified in exercise and anatonmy most are.....


Hi Sue

I suspect, depending where exactly the problem is, it is due to wear and tear as the doc says. You can get RA in the spine but it seems to be more often in the Cervical spine (neck) and often made worse by poor posture. It isn't always obvious what is RA and what is osteo but the MRI should clear it up. It was pointed out at our meeting last night that having RA will not stop us getting osteo (apparently some people think it does???) so we all have that to look forward at some point! I ain't going to worry about that right now!

Sorry can't help with Cimzia (although would really love to try it!). Do let us know how you go on. Good luck :)

Lyn x


I am going to start biologics in the next month and have been asked to look at them all and say which one I prefer. My nurse said that the trust has told them they have to prescibe Cimzia first because they have deal from the company where the first three months are free! Still not sure which one I should go for. If I want a different one I have to come up with a case for them to deviate from the protocol. Good luck with the Cimzia. let us know x


Hi Sue, I recently wrote a blogg asking if anyone had got lower back pain, having RA for 17yrs have never suffered with it in my back. After the comments I received I decided I would try my GP first, he said it's most likely due to the RA as the lower part of the back (coccyx )can get inflamed.

I have an appointment with my cru nurse soon so am going to wait until I see her unless it gets any worse.

Have also suffered with it between my shoulder blades like Jo. I had acupuncture with the physio for this and it worked great. As started to return though recently but not as bad as it was.

Don't know anything about cimzia, sorry.

mand xx


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