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Adalimumab effect only lasting 10 days

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I am on fortnightly injections and find day 1 to 11 I am quite pain free and not fatigued, but then it wears off. Does anyone else experience this?

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I think that is rather typical for biologics in general. Humira can be given weekly for this reason so let your doctor know what is happening. Part of the dosing of biologics has to do with the interval between injections because the actual injection dose is the same for everyone I believe. It isn't like a pill where you increase or decrease the number of miligrams needed. With biologic injections you increase or decrease the interval between injections as needed.

I think the shortest interval for Humira is weekly and if that isn't working then they start to think Humira isn't working.

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I was on humeria fortnightly and I asked could I have it once a week and they said no and I had to come off it. I am now on benepali instead and that is weekly. I am finding this better. Hope you manage to sort something out. Take care.

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"The recommended dose is 1 HUMIRA Pen or syringe (40 mg) every other week. Some patients not taking methotrexate may benefit from increasing the dosage of HUMIRA to 40 mg every week or 80 mg every other week. HUMIRA is given by an injection under the skin. Always follow your doctor’s instructions."

I wasn't taking methotrexate so maybe that explains why I was taking Humira weekly. I only took Humira for about 4 months and weekly injections didn't seem to work for me. I was switched to a different kind of biologic called Actemra (tocilizumab) which did work and continues to work for me

I'm from the USA so it isn't usual for different countries to do things differently. I'm happy Benepali works better for you.

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Thankyou. I was changed to this from Benepali

I’m exactly the same but usually only lasts a week, the last few days are pretty hard, I asked about increasing the frequency and it was a resounding no. As it does work well for the first week I don’t really want to switch and try something else.

Hiya are u taking metho with it as myconsultant insists as your body fights jab otherwise. My being naughty decided not to take metho and yep he was right. Back on both changed my life . Good luck

Unfortunately I'm the same so I take etoricoxib 30 mg to help me on the last few days before the next injection.

Think I neec to contact rheumatology

I was like that for the first few weeks of taking Amgevita but then the injections started to last longer - all 2 weeks. I am on methotrexate as well and to begin with was on 20mg but have now been able to reduce methotrexate to 15mg. So far so good.

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