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I came off my first anti TNF (cimzia) a month or so ago due to side effects. I went to rheum today who told me that I was due to start Humira (adalimumab) in 2 weeks as soon as Healthcare at Home get in touch. What a shock! I didn't realise it was that easy to switch, they didn't take my DAS score or anything. Anyway, I'd really appreciate any Humira stories please.

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  • I had very good experiences of Humira. It worked well for me initially but in my case, hopefully not your!, it wore off. The injection is easy to do with a push button system.. However I did find it dies sting, less on my tummy but more I thighs. The nurses said to take bit out of the fridge for a while, sorry cat remember how long, as it makes it less sore. That does work. Humira also have great patient care websites. I was lucky enough to meet some of the reps and scientists who work for them at a conference where I spoke as a patient representative . I told them what it's like to have RA ad the other patient had been on Humira some years and is back to normal!i hope it has great effects for you x

  • Thanks, Allanah. I will look at their website :) x

  • Hiya sorry Cimzia gave you probs like it did Debbie :( , do you mind me asking what the side effects were ? Really hope your next biologic is amazing for you ..Claire x

  • I had severe vomiting that didn't respond to any anti-sickness tablets. I also had tingling and numbness - they think that and the vomiting was neurological. It was a shame because it was working so well. Thank you for your good wishes x

  • Thank you ;) hope yours does too! xx

  • Think I am being changed to Humira in 4 weeks as having quite big site injection reactions from Enbrel. Begged my consultant today to let me try for another month to see if the site reactions will lessen as have been feeling really well on Enbrel and only on 6th injection.

  • Hi net2012, I to was on Enbrel had site rash plus an all over the body rash to. I was put on Humira and have been on it for six months now I have no side affects so far lucky for me and I have found it has helped with the top half of me but has not sorted the knees and the feet according to the consultant 6 months is not long enough to tell or write it off ... they seem to know best lol or do they. Give it a go its worth it you never know it could be right for you. I wish you luck with it xxx

  • Extremely successful for me, and K'd hate to be taken off it. It stings less if you let it warm a little after getting it out from the fridge and also if you can avoid any droplets leaking on to the needle just before you inject. Otherwise a bit of a sting is a small price to pay. My RA showed a 90% improvement two weeks after my first injection and has been well-controlled for the three years since.

  • humira for me was great, but, like fruitcake it made me sick......sudden projectile vomiting. it was a pity as it was very, very good for me. if you take it out of the fridge for about half an hour it does help. the pens do tend to sting......nothing compared to the pain we go through daily. hope thing work out for you. i'm now on abatacept and doing very well indeed. all the best. XX

  • I've been on Humira for 6 1/2 years now and it has been really helpful and (generally) my RA has been well controlled. I did have a site reaction for the first few injections - looked like I had been stung! It was incredibly itchy but that stopped after about 6 months or so and now I don't have any reactions to the drug.

    I take my Humira out of the fridge about 20 mins before I inject and use a chiller pack on my skin. This seems to stop the pain that I used to suffer (and dread). It is still quite hard to steel myself for the 'bang' of the pen injector when you press it down. I have only ever injected into my stomach area. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the replies. :) I'm not too worried about the needles. I did cimzia in my stomach, so I guess that's where I'll do humira? I inject MTX too and healthcare at home said you should inject one drug into the thighs and one into the stomach. I hate injecting into my thighs but my (fat!) stomach is fine.

  • Was advised only a switch to a second anti-TNF can be made if an allergy/reaction develops to the first. (was told by my consultant and I am sure I have read on the NICE guidleines website that unless you can't tolerate the next type of treament they give after a failed anti-TNF .. which are B cell/T Cell depletors .. that you are only normally allowed one chance of anti-TNF.) The switch was quick for me from Enbrel to Humira, but Humira (due to Enbrel site reaction/allergy) hasn't done enough after 6 months but done some! It is a bit stingy but small price to pay . .ten seconds of sting .. for potential benefits. No allergies or reactions for me but not enough results. Just like Bazzy, it helped my upper body very much but did nothing for my knees which are the major problem. I wish you good luck and hope it works well for you Fruity as we are all different and react differently. xx

  • Fruity ..forgot to say .. that is exactly what the HaH nurse told me about location of injections for MTX and Enbrel when she came for my supervised shot, and my rheumy nurse said it is always easier to do clickpens into the upper front thighs as you can position yourself over the thigh easier to administer the pens. I tend to agree but it is what works for each of us. xx

  • Humira has worked for me. Although I did get a flare in my knee, I think due to too much driving. I have to try and find a balance between using my body and resting it. Which is hard when I havent had the pain anymore. I noticed a difference from the first injection.

    Good luck with yours xx

  • Hi switching from enbrel to Humira in about two weeks so really helpful to read posts hoping it won't hurt more than enbrel and a bit worried reading about side effects although I had none with enbrel after about three years just doesn't work too well anymore good luck to everyone starting new treatment it's got to be worth a try!

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