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Good Morning Live today at 9.30am

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Good Morning Live ITV at 9.30am today they are discussing how the heat affects people with RA in case you want to tune in to watch it.

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It's Morning Live on BBC1. Programme started at 9:15

Item started at 9:29. It was Dr Ranj & he gave advice some may find helpful. It was pretty accurate info, he didn’t play it down which was nice. Symptoms worsening in the summer may be due to atmospheric pressure changes affecting pressure changes in your joints so affecting the way you experience your symptoms. As cartilage is about 70% water advice for warm weather is don't become dehydrated. Exercise is important & gave 4 hand exercises to do each 10 times 7 times a day (I thought so often seemed a bit excessive), do when not flaring. Great if you can do them, I struggled only trying the once. Whilst he concentrated on RD he did explain that, whilst it can vary, those with OA cope better with warmer weather & RD better with cooler weather, so you're bu**ered if, like many of us, you have both!

Yep. like you, I'm bu**ered! 🙄Latest arrivals to the RA party: I've got Carpal Tunnel syndrome too and synovitis in the tendons in my fingers. Oh and osteoarthritis in my facet joints is thought to be causing my back pain. 🤦‍♀️

I feel for you Lola. CT release thankfully has worked for me since 2013, though had a temporary return bilaterally when on LEF. All well since coming off it 5 years ago. Has dangling your arm helped ease it? Had trigger finger too. Steroid injections helped that, a bit ouchy but worth trying it over operating. Why are we blessed with both RD & OA? Maybe we'll be rewarded some time! 😇☺️

Thanks nmh.Not tried arm dangling yet but it might mean I spill my wine/gin!!

Oooo, careful! You could always alternate sides. Hic. 🤪🫣

Just drank a whole bottle of Veuve Cliquot with my neighbour, aged 92, a belated birthday celebration for both of us. Feel great!! Perhaps it’s a new cure for RA 🍾🥂🤦🏻‍♀️

Didn’t spill a drop!!

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J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

A women after my own heart 😂

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CripLady in reply to nomoreheels

Interesting. I felt a bit icky today with no obvious ‘cause’. This happened last time there was a big drop in air pressure. I really do need to ask the meteorological office for some research funding.

I am already a living breathing damp and rain detector…

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nomoreheels in reply to CripLady

It can affect you that way. It gives me headaches. Got a doozy at the mo, but I’d been planting up & got over warm so only myself to blame. Now sitting here with the heat pad on my back & the fan on in an effort to cool down. Add me on if you contact the met office!

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gardens4 in reply to nomoreheels

That is very true. I have swollen feet from RA in this heat but I also have OA so I hate it both too cold and too humid. Feet on cold pads later just from the fridge I think!

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nomoreheels in reply to gardens4

Little relief either way! Took ages to get off to sleep last night. Not helped by lending my pillow cooling pad to one of the dogs to help ease her discomfort. It worked though so was worth the small sacrifice.

Thanks for the summary.

Happy to be of help.

Interesting wee section by Dr Ranj, basic but useful information.I hate the heat and feel so unwell when it is warm. Bring on the winter and a wee but peace for the joints 😉

Thanks for this, I'll watch later.I was just wondering why my hands and wrist are worse today and was thinking about what I'd done yesterday to bring it on but didn't consider that it might be the heat 🙄

Thankyou for sharing this. I will try drinking more!

Me too! Cheers! 🍷

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J1707 in reply to Lolabridge

😂😂I’m with you 🥂

That’s me swell up and slow down.. I say slow down can’t go much slower these days so I grind to a halt. Always said the BBC weather should employ me . I can tell the weather by different symptoms. Heat/ humidity RA.. rain / wind fibro. I can tell the weather every morning without opening the curtains.😁

Thanks for that I would have loved to watch it but for aome unknown reason I only get my messages the following day. I have just received this message 22 hours after posting. I have no idea why they come to me so late but obviously I missed it. I would be grateful to hear any comments from the programme. I love Dr. Ranj, he is so kind and genuinely caring, a good gardener and great fun.

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Spin1959 in reply to Sheila_G

Hi Sheila I have just watched it on iPlayer. You can catch up that way.

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Sheila_G in reply to Spin1959

Thank you so much x

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nomoreheels in reply to Sheila_G

I gave a précis Sheila (1st reply) but you can also watch it here from 15:43

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Sheila_G in reply to nomoreheels

Thank you so much for this. x

Although my diagnosis is Stills Disease which manifests as RD I have always been a good barometer as my joint pain reacts to weather change all year round with heat the worst culprit. Odd isn’t it that AI diseases react in tandem with the weather. ⛈ 💨 ❄️ 🌞

You've hit on it with barometer… it's thought to be barometric pressure which affects the joints (as Dr Ranj said cartilage is about 70% water).

Thank you for this share , going to try n bring those hand exercises into my daily routine , maybe when making a cuppa 😃

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Boxerlady in reply to maxistar

I was given similar exercises by the rheumy OT and do them every morning in the shower which helps to get everything moving.

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