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Good morning. Optimism and happiness

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Like many I have found the past week a little difficult. At times I’ve felt stressed and anxious.

Then I decided to limit my exposure to news and any doom merchants. I told friends that I didn’t want to talk about Covid-19 for more than 2 minutes, then it’s normal chat, please.

It has worked I’ve become more relaxed, found my usual optimistic outlook and I’m thankful for all that makes my life worthwhile and happy.

I’m luckier than many, I have a cottage near the sea, with a large garden. More importantly I have a wonderful family and lots of lovely friends and kindly neighbours.

I have nothing to complain about. My RA flare pales into insignificance, it is a nuisance but at least I can manage it.

Be happy, be thankful, be kind - words I’m making my mantra ....

Be safe out there

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Same here. I do what I’ve been told to do - I wash my hands, I stay in unless I absolutely have to go out either for food, medicines or my daily walk. I try and remember to watch the Downing Street report in the evening and that’s about it.

I avoid newspapers and find watching the news and associated programmes where they ‘dissect’ every last thing on coronavirus really annoying and depressing. Those media bods are only out for themselves and it incenses me to see them reporting from places they really shouldn’t be. If people don’t know by now what they need to and are allowed to do then what can you say. I trust in my kids that they will be sensible and responsible to protect themselves and others.

No amount of worrying and being anxious is going to make coronavirus go away and I say that as someone who could worry for Britain if I let myself. be happy, be thankful and be kind is a good mantra.

My get me through it mantra is ‘get joy from the little things’ and I hope at the end of all this society will have learned about what really matters in life.

A lovely upbeat post, thank you for sharing, Take care x

thank you Brushwork I am on the same lines as you! Banned the family from sending me constant whatsapp videos re covid and feel much better for it!

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Same here Dad rings and spends 35 mins rereading the paper and the woes of c19. I just leave the phone on my lap while I watch tv and then speak for 5 mins by which time he’s worn himself out😁

I'm doing the same, Brushwork. The tsunami of misery is too much so just the one news briefing a day

Thank you for these wise words. I put one of my social media accounts into rest mode yesterday and just got on with things, I realised at bedtime last night I hadn’t missed it, only watched the news once also. I’ve just seen a comment however from a celebrity, telling us to stop whinging and get on with made my blood boil however, as not everyone is lucky enough to have a house big enough to have some personal space or a garden to sit in or potter around, especially cooped up with children bouncing off the walls or worse a violent partner and people will obviously struggle. .my heart goes out to them. Stay well x

Wise words and your right too much news is bad as we just get paranoid,stay safe xxx

What a great strategy, and a lovely cheerful post - thank you for sharing that.

I've cut right back on the news too, much of it is repetative stuff anyway.

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Yes it's one dose a day for me. Get the facts and then leave all the hypotheticals and scaremongering alone. I have total regard for those who are on the front line for us all, I think of those who are ill and pay respect to those tragically have passed away, but do not allow myself to become embroiled in speculation and sensationalism.

Feels like we should have a day a week no COVID19 on here as well to keep us clean one day of it all but I appreciate some who worry might not find that easy .......

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